Opening Your Presentation : Questions

Let’s start at the beginning – those valuable first few minutes on stage. Full of nerves you stand in front of a sea of faces… So, how do you open your presentation and get your audience’s participation from the word go? Ask a broad question that people are most likely to answer yes to. Then […]

Leadership: The Ten Major Causes of Failure

Last week we looked at 10 great leadership styles to model.  In the 2nd of this 2-part series, we’re focussing on the 10 major causes of leadership failure.  Read these to avoid the pitfalls! Disorganisation of DetailsNo leader is ever ‘too busy’ to do anything.  When you admit you are too busy, you show up […]

Training Your Audience: The Game of “Simon Says”

Leadership shows up in all areas of business and especially so from stage. In fact, to be on stage, you really do need to possess strong leadership skills. How else will you get your audience to respond to you and buy from you if you don’t show leadership? You must let your audience know that […]

Leadership Theories: 10 Major Leadership Styles To Model

What do you have to do to create a great team around you?  The very first thing is to become a great leader.  A great leader will automatically attract a great team. Here in part 1 of a 2-part article on Leadership are 10 fabulous leadership styles to model. CourageThe first major leadership style is […]

Love Your Crew

Your crew are your support team. You must have a crew who believe in what you are speaking about and who back you up. They are the guys behind the scenes who make everything possible. Love them and look after them and they will look after you.

3 Fantastic Ways To Regenerate Your Business

Just like plants or trees, businesses (and humans) need periods of rest before they can spring forward again. Your Business Is A TreeIt needs roots to anchor itself, a solid trunk for strength, the branches are the different wings of your business, the leaves are your activities and the fruit of the tree are your […]