Just like plants or trees, businesses (and humans) need periods of rest before they can spring forward again.

Your Business Is A Tree
It needs roots to anchor itself, a solid trunk for strength, the branches are the different wings of your business, the leaves are your activities and the fruit of the tree are your rewards.  And if you’re a competent gardener, then you’ll need to prune.  Why do you prune?  Because a gardener knows that in order to stimulate growth, there first needs to be cuts. 

Tip 1 – Pruning Is Powerful
Yes, get those metaphorical scissors out (if you’re really feeling bold – the chainsaw!) and get pruning.  Don’t be timid here – hack, chop and be brave!  Get rid of the deadwood.  Sometimes this means cutting off twigs that are actually still alive.  It’s tough but true.  Use this as an opportunity to let things go.  What is not working in your business?  What old assumptions no longer serve you?  Are you still harbouring old ways of thinking?  Are there staff members you need to let go?  Are there areas in your business that no longer energetically feel right? 

What do you need to cut away?

Tip 2 – Recharge Your Batteries
Now the deadwood has gone, what do you do next?  You’re staring at a pruned back business but you’re still wondering what to do in order to make it grow.  My suggestion is do nothing.  Yes, that’s right.  You don’t have to do a thing.  Do you stare at a plant and will it grow?  No, you feed it a little water, you place it in the sun, and if the plant is lucky, you feed it some fertiliser.  You nourish it.  This is what you do next.  You take some time out to nourish yourself.  Remember, my philosophy is that business guidance comes from within so when you are feeling nourished and full, then the externals of your business will also grow. 

It’s time to go on that spa day you promised yourself.  Take that yoga retreat.  Go on a golfing holiday.  Take a trip by the seaside.  Go for a bushwalk.  A mountain hike.  Do something that will nourish you.  Feel the sun on your face, swim in saltwater, breathe in the scents of the wood or the rainforest.  Feel connected to nature.

Inject Life back in.

Tip 3 –  Sharpen The Saw
What I love most about pruning is watching the fresh, new buds of regrowth appear.  It always makes me smile.  There’s something almost magical about it.  You think you’ve killed your plant because it looked so bare and forlorn, but suddenly one day a sprig of green appears, and then another and another, and before you know it, the plant has exploded into life. What do you do now?  There’s regrowth all over the shop!  You need to train it to grow in the direction you want, because if you don’t the regrowth has no clear direction.  So you stick a pole next to your plant and gently guide the direction of the new growth.  You do not force it, you simply guide and allow the growth to follow your direction.  With your help, the plant can grow to new heights.

If you’ve decided on a new direction, what training do you need to take you to that next level?  Is there a course you need to take?  A mentor you know you just have to study with?  Is there a product you have to invest in?  Do not think you need to grow your business all alone.  Starting afresh is a bold move and there are tonnes of people out there who have trodden the path you now wish to take.  Follow their gentle guidance to take you to new business heights.

So, there’s my 3 top tips for Is there any pruning you need to do this week?  What do you need to cut away?  Perhaps you have already pruned, is now the time to take your rest and recharge for the next phase?  Or maybe there’s a course you need to undertake.  Whatever you choose, remember now is the perfect time for regeneration.

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