4 Tips for Public Speaking: Why Feedback Is So Important To Your Sales

One of the best public speaking tips I can give you is this always seek feedback!

Remember, when you’re speaking in public, either on stage or during a presentation, the aim is to not just to educate but also to leverage your time and bring in extra sales for your business. Selling 1:100 is much more powerful than selling 1:1 . . .which is why getting feedback on your performance can make all the difference to your bottom line profits.

Sales Presentation: The 7 Key Presentation Elements

There are 7 Key Elements to a Profitable Sales Presentation. These 7 Keys are spelled out here assuming you will make a sale at the end of your presentation. But these same 7 Key Elements are will work even if you are not closing a sale.

How to Choose a Good Topic

How do you choose a topic that people are hungry for? Most people have something they are passionate about or they have a feeling of injustice or need. The problem is that you have to match your passion with the market What is your passion? What are people interested in? Who do you want to […]

How To Use Public Speaking To Build Your Brand

There are Two angles of marketing that speaking is great for Number One is Branding Number Two is attracting New Prospects Nothing positions you more perfectly than stepping on a stage and speaking It makes you the Instant Expert Speak so that you Build Your Brand

Using Speaking as a Research & Development Tool

Speaking is the quickest and easiest way to get started in business Decide on your topic, and speak about it – anywhere and everywhere Ask your audience what they want Do not create a product until you have sold it The only way you know if someone is going to buy your product is when […]

Customer Service Wow

To have a speaking business without a solid customer service focus will prove fatal. Without customers you don’t have a business If you already care about people, then you need to have in place a system where you are always striving to make an awesome experience every time you have contact with your customers. It […]