Overcoming The Fear Of Speaking In Public

What’s the biggest fear people have? You may be surprised, but the number 1 fear is actually a fear of public speaking. And it’s ok to be afraid of public speaking!  After all, there’s lots of people feeling exactly the same way!  But I want to look at why it’s so important for you to […]

Public Speaking Tips: Choosing a speaking niche

Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Audience There Are 4 Key Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before You Settle On a Niche For Your Speaking.  In the last blog article we determined if anyone is actually looking for information related to your topic and we looked at strategies such as Google Adwords and speciality magazines. This […]

Speakers Tips for Using Powerpoint Effectively

Here are my tips for using powerpoint in a effective way for your presentations: Keep your slides simple. There is no need to use different fonts and animations. Have only 4-5 points to a slide as a maximum. Use a plain white background with black text. Use only relevant images that evoke emotion, which allows […]

Public Speaking Tip: Use Video to Build Your List

Video is one of the best mediums to get your message across as a speaker and build your list. You would notice on this blog that I use it a lot. It allows people to connect with you at a personal level and start to feel like they know you. Then when you have something […]

Free Public Speaking Tips: Body Use and Satir categories

This video is one of the videos take from inside my Silver Mentoring Program Training Series.  I have released it so that you can see a sample of some of the types of training tips we have inside.  We are opening the gates on our “Brand New Launch Offer” for the Silver Mentoring Program in […]

Building Your List With EBAY- Public Speaking Tips from Matt Clarkson

We got so much feedback on Facebook, twitter and in the inbox about this post yesterday that I thought I’d take it a step further for you guys. (By the way are you following me yet?  Twitter: joannamartin; Facebook: Joanna Martin) Last month I interviewed Matt Clarkson- EBay Millionaire – on some advanced “how to […]