Tips On Public Speaking – How To Break The Ice!

In any form of public speaking at a live event you will want to spend time warming up the room. These are what we commonly call ‘icebreaker activities’. There are various reasons for icebreakers but the most obvious is because you want to get the audience on your side and loosen them up a bit. […]

The Secret of Success Stories In Your Presentation

There’s nothing more influential than hearing how someone else has become successful to inspire people to action during your presentation. If you had to include ONE presentation skill into your next presentation, make it this one! The key benefits of using success stories are: They hammer home your credibility. They convince your audience that you […]

The Importance Of Passion In Selling

When I am stood up on stage I always try to speak from the heart and connect with the audience in this heart-felt way. And funnily enough, when I bring my heart into my speaking, it always follows that my sales increase!

So my number one tip to new speakers is . . . follow your passions!

Public Speaking: The Importance of Introduction Part 2

Being an MC is a great way to get noticed, build up your exposure and get asked back to other stages . . . . next time to speak!

So once the celebrations are over, you’ll be wanting to follow these golden MC rules:

Public Speaking: The Importance of Introduction Part 1

The role of the MC is actually a lot more important than most people would assume. . .

You see, knowing how to introduce a speaker is a learned skill and although it seems very simple and straightforward, there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye.

So if you are an MC in the making or if you are looking for an MC for your next presentation . . . read on!

Blah, Blah, Blah . . . What’s In YOUR Head When You’re Up On Stage?

If you’ve done a number of presentations, you will have had the experience of delivering your well-designed “speech” to a few different crowds. But one thing I have noticed with speakers time and time again is that when they are actually on stage, sometimes their focus is on the wrong place.