Picture this.  The phone rings and it’s a hotshot speaker on the other end.  Not just that, but she’s someone you’ve admired for ages.  And then . . . she asks YOU to be her MC!

Your heart palpitates and your mouth goes dry.  Could this be true?  You get to share the stage with someone as amazing as her?

Of course you say yes and then do a crazy silly dance around the room to celebrate.

Because being an MC is a great way to get noticed, build up your exposure and get asked back to other stages . . . . next time to speak!

So once the celebrations are over, you’ll be wanting to follow these golden MC rules:

Keep it Brief

Keep your introduction to around one or two minutes long, but not much more than that. The focus is on giving a succinct, punchy intro of the speaker.

Be Enthusiastic!

I always think of myself as the host of the party. Remember to smile and come across as a warm person when introducing speakers.

Know Something About The Speaker’s Subject

Even if it’s something that’s new for you, you still need to understand it enough to be able to convey the information correctly.

Don’t Read Word For Word!

It’s going to sound really boring, really flat, unenthusiastic… and it can also give the impression that you don’t know what you’re talking about – that’s the last thing you want.

The Speaker’s Presentation

Make sure you get really clear on exactly what that is because people need to know what they can expect from the presentation.

Build Credibility Of The Speaker

If the speaker has appeared on television, in the press, or written a book, make sure you include that as part of your introduction. It will capture the attention of the audience. As a MC it’s your job is to boast about the things that the speaker might not boast about themselves.

Don’t Use Slides or Overheads

You need to remember that you’re not the speaker,

you are the facilitator. You’re not the leading act, so don’t try and upstage the speaker or don’t try to steal their thunder. It’s a fantastic idea to include a personal relevance about them that will have the audience receptive to the speaker before they have even got on stage.

Being Professional Is Key

An MC at speaking events is not an invitation to try any stand-up comedy routines! If you’re tying in little personal stories, make sure it’s relevant to the subject and to the audience and it needs to be inspirational, and to build the credibility of the speaker.  Remember the big picture and make sure whatever you do or say serves the overall event.

Now It’s Your Turn, MC!

Now you have all the guidelines for being the most fantastic MC ever, why not go out there this week and try to book yourself as an MC.  You never know what doors it might open…


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