There are 7 Key Elements to a Profitable Sales Presentation.

These 7 Keys are spelled out here assuming you will make a sale at the end of your presentation. But these same 7 Key Elements are will work even if you are not closing a sale.

You can use these same 7 steps with a little creativity to inspire someone to book in for a one on one consultation or to get your prospects contact details to add to your database.

All the principles are the same.

But right here I focus on sales presentations – because once you can do that- you can do anything!

Before I share these 7 steps the first thing you need to do however is be really clear what action you want your audience to take at the end. This is not about getting you a round of applause remember – this is about getting you more business. So what do you want them to do?

Do you want them to:

  • Buy your product or service on the spot?
  • Book in a consultation with you or one of your sales people?
  • Join your mailing list?

Get really clear in your mind what the outcome from the sales presentation is and then it’s as simple as these 7 key elements:

  1. Create Connection:

    Become a welcome guest and inspire trust and responsiveness in your audience.

  2. Get Permission To Do Your Thing:

    Demonstrate credibility and earn the right to be speaking to your audience by illustrating your past results as powerfully as possible.

  3. Engage with Your Content:

    Decide on the action you want the audience to take, and craft the backbone of your presentation with this end in mind.

  4. Establish a Need:

    Create dissatisfaction in your audience by illustrating where they are vs where they want to be.

  5. Reveal the Product and Build Tension:

    Give a benefit driven description of your product.

  6. Make a No-Brainer Offer:

    The most important part of your sales presentation – package up your product with bonuses, and ensure you create urgency and take away risk

  7. Invite Immediate Action:

    Finish powerfully with a commanding invitation to buy.

For Your Next Sales Presentation, Try This!

If you have products and services you’re passionate about then in your next sales presentation make a commitment to yourself that you will follow these 7 steps. See what a difference it makes to your presentation. Become a speaker who influences action, not just a speaker gets a round of applause.

8 Responses to “Sales Presentation: The 7 Key Presentation Elements”

  1. This is great work, and I am implementing this in my gigs. I do think though that I need someone at the back of the room to coach me through the first few presentations to make sure I have it all included. Is that cheating? or Sensible?

  2. I’ve just completed Joanna’s 3 day Presentation Profits Intensive in London, where we practiced these 7 steps to a powerful, compelling presentation. Without a doubt, PPI is one of the best – if not the best – business training programmes I’ve attended ever. And these 7 steps are brilliant. I’ve reworked my existing business presentation, and can’t wait to try it out later today! watch this space….

  3. Keeyong

    Joey, thanks for the 7 Key Presentation Elements. I will write each of these principles on an A4 piece of paper and stick them on my bedroom walls. I will write them on a small card to keep with me in my pocket and recite them to memory. I will also need to figure out how to implement them, what to say and how to act. I’m still a little bit confused because these skills are already in me, right? It’s a process of shedding away layers like the layers of an onion, but I find myself with a need of acquiring and practising new skills, and that’s why I’m confused. Hey, I like this.

  4. Hi Keeyong,
    I admire your commitment to this. Its a great idea.
    I think your message is already in you. But skills and structures are things that we learn. Your potential to play golf exists long before you learn how to swing a club. So commit to learning. Are you a silver member yet? That might help.


  5. Cool Mike! What sort of results are you getting? I’d love to hear.

  6. hi Marion,
    I think thats a sensible idea. All I would suggest is you use someone who wants to make sales. Most people wil coach you on how to be more palatable to your audience! So team up with someone in the Shift Speaker Training community and have them there. You can meet people here: Facebook Page

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