You’ve Got Your Prospects To The Back Of The Room . . . Now What?

By Donna Powell   It’s at the back of the room, or at the enrolments table where the business end of things happens. This is where the success of your presentation is measured via the number of sales you make and the money you take home in your pocket. It’s here the order forms are […]

How To Use To Track and Measure Your Links

This week’s BTS tip comes from our Tech Guru, Vanessa Rothwell. Use to shorten your links when you are pasting links on blog posts, newsletters, emails, facebook, twitter and more. Setting up your own free account allows you to track statistics of your links Customise your link to be “friendlier” To access Bit.Ly go […]

3 Killer Tips for a Website that Sells

By Vanessa Rothwell   As a speaker or entrepreneur you will at some stage be looking to set up a website about your business. As a student of Joey’s I would also assume you want to set up a lifestyle business, part of which includes building a list and selling products online which means you […]

The 4 Key Questions To Ask Yourself When Creating Systems In Your Business

This week’s BTS tip come from the delightful Donna Powell -our very own General Manager. Systems are the foundations of your business. Everyone in your business needs to use the same system. Ask yourself what is your outcome, i.e., is it to save time? What are the steps you want your people to follow to […]

What Is Search Engine Optimisation?

By Vanessa Rothwell   Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the optimisation of your website so that it gets listed by Google and other search engines (eg yahoo, msn etc) – so people can find you. It is not something you can do once and then say it is done, it is an ongoing process […]

How To Communicate With Your Team In 4 Easy Steps

This Article comes to you courtesy of Donna Powell In the previous video tip I talked about external communication – with customers and suppliers. Equally important is how you communicate within your organization, i.e, with your team members or your staff. Starting OutWhen you first start building your business you’ll probably be a one-man (or […]