In this article, Shift’s General Manager, Donna Powell, looks at how best you can serve your customers

Warning!  The information contained in this article could make you rethink your entire sales systems…

How Many Hoops Are You Making Your Customers Jump Through?
(Just To Put Money In Your Pocket)

Or in other words, how easy or how difficult is it for your customer to buy your products or services from you?

Think about all the purchases you’ve made online in the last week, month or even year.

You may have encountered a sales system so effortless you were barely even aware you were buying something.

Alternatively, you may have stumbled across a sales system so awkward and time-consuming that made it impossible for you to buy anything!

Which would you prefer for your business?

The Most Successful Companies Do This
It is said that most companies spend 30% of their time on sales systems and 70% of their time on delivering their products or services.  And this is why most companies struggle.  The most successful companies spend 70% of their time on their sales systems and 30% on delivering their products or services.

This is how important sales systems are.

There are many different components to a successful sales system and one aspect of these that we’ll look at now is customer service.

You’ve sold the product, what else is there?

Well, apart from the product, your customers get something else out of buying from you – this is their customer service experience.

Here are some examples of how they might feel about your business:

  • The product has simply resolved a need.
  • They’ve got the product but felt bullied and pushed into it so aren’t happy and wouldn’t buy from you again.
  • The product (and you) have changed their life and they are huge fans and will recommend you to all their friends.
  • That dealing with your business is a fun and easy experience.
  • And thousands and thousands of other thoughts and emotions ranging from frustration to elation.

What About Your Business?
When looking at your business, there are two questions to ask about the customer experience:

  1. What experience do you want your customers to have when they deal with your business?
  2. What expectations could the customer have when dealing with your business? I have a different expectation of service for example when I go shopping at Primark or Big W versus shopping at Harrods.

Let’s look at an example:

If you want to make it easy for customers to buy from you, AND your customers expect it to be easy then do you actually know how easy it is?

  • How many screens or clicks do they have to go through on your website to buy? (think of Amazon with their one-click buying),
  • How many times do they have to enter their information? (every time they buy or do they have an account online with you that stores their buying information?)
  • Do your sales people on the phone provide them with clear information about how to get their product?
  • Are there things about your sales process that make it hard to buy?
  • How quickly do they receive the product?

If a part of your business goals is to make it easy for people to purchase from you then you will want to think about these things.


Look honestly at where you are spending your time.  How much more time do you need to put into your sales systems, particularly the customer satisfaction.  Why not make a point of looking at your sales systems.  Start to shift your focus towards sales.  And choose one thing you can start implementing now.

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