By Joanna Martin

I’d like to ask you a question… when you are selling from stage, do you have alternative products available… at premium and entry level price points? Are you making it easy for your customers to buy if your first offer isn’t quite right for them at this time?

Man with ContractThink about this for a second… an audience member or visitor to your website can see details of your offer and considers whether this is the right product for them.

They’ll make one of two decisions…

Decision #1:

Decide it is what they need… go ahead with the purchase and begin the process of becoming your customer.


Decision #2:

They’ll feel unsure or decide your offer isn’t right for them at this point in their life… and walk away.

Let’s consider the two choices in more detail…

The buyer:

Awesome. You have a new client. They love what you offer and feel it is in alignment with what they want… they’ve committed to investing money to work with you.

While they are feeling the glow of their new investment, this would be a fantastic time to offer them another, premium option.

Perhaps the program they have just purchased includes pre-recorded training and before they can complete the purchase, they are offered your premium program that includes live calls with you and extra support?

Man with ParcelMaybe they’ve bought a ticket to your live event and for an extra investment they can purchase a binder containing transcripts and DVD/CD recordings of the event so they can refresh their memory of your fabulous content long after?

There is a very good chance they will choose your premium offering with a perceived higher value wouldn’t you say?

And even if they choose to stand by their original purchase decision… you’ve lost nothing by offering them the alternative.

But… if they choose to purchase the premium offering, you’ve gained the extra revenue from the sale!

The leave it for now’er:

What you offered wasn’t right for them at this time for whatever reason. However, if before they leave, you offer a lower priced option, this could be their ‘no-brainer offer’ that they feel happier to purchase.

If you had allowed this prospect to just leave, you’d have lost a sale… but presenting an alternative offer may well bring you a sale that you wouldn’t have otherwise made.

Perhaps your live event isn’t right for them… the distance is too great or they already have commitments for that day? Could you offer the binder of transcripts and DVD/CD recordings as a downsell option?

Empty PocketsWhen you are selling from stage, you’ll often find that your audience members will want to talk to you (or your crew) before they feel comfortable making their decision to purchase.

Having several options available will enable you to convert more sales… if your base offer isn’t the right choice for a prospect now… one of your other products may attract them to buy.

And when they’ve bought from you once… they are likely to become a repeat customer… and go tell all their friends how amazing you are!

I invite you to consider what premium and downsell products you can create that will make it easier for your prospects to decide to buy from you?

Do you have products with different price points? Are you tracking your stats of how many of your customers purchase your base product compared to your premium or downsell options? Have you noticed any trends?

3 Responses to “Selling From Stage | Upsell, Downsell”

  1. Thank you for that – great tip

    I was wondering if that would work for individual webinars as well when selling a membership programme. I was thinking about MLE which I purchased separately before seeing the light and becoming a silver member. So, if the upsell was access to all previous webinars then could a not quite ready buyer be offered individual webinars (to whet the appitite)?

    See you on the Gold Coast later this week

  2. I get this and totally follow the thinking. Regarding the sale from stage though, if I get you right, you are just selling one thing but if then anyone talks to you and this one thing is not right for them, you can offer them something else? Have I got this right? I know we want to keep the message on stage very clear so one thing and go take action!

  3. Yes, but don’t confuse the message by selling more than one product during the live session. You can set up your site so that when people click on the link you give them to purchase, before they are able to complete the purchase, they are redirected to a page offering the upsell, then another page with the downsell.

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