Is Perfection Killing Your Business?

To keep your business moving forward and making money, you want to be creating products. Whether they’re physical or virtual products, you create new content to suit your customer need. Your Elegant Business Model will enable your business to evolve; leveraging your time, and getting you out of the “time for money trap”, but are […]

3 Reasons Why Your Product Launch Will Fail!

You’ve been working hard on a new product, and you’re planning a big launch sometime soon. After working so hard pulling everything together, you wish you had a crystal ball that will tell you whether your product launch will be successful and bring you a big payday. Unfortunately, as you’re reading this blog online, I […]

Selling From Stage | Upsell, Downsell

By Joanna Martin I’d like to ask you a question… when you are selling from stage, do you have alternative products available… at premium and entry level price points? Are you making it easy for your customers to buy if your first offer isn’t quite right for them at this time? Think about this for […]

Growing Your Business | Marketing With Affiliates

By Joanna Martin Speaking from stage is the most effective way to attract new clients but no matter how large the audiences, there is a limited amount of people you can reach…you create your elegant business model by identifying ways you can generate income 24 hours per day… without you needing to be involved in […]

Make It Easy For Customers to Buy With a Flexible Payment Plan

So you’ve just delivered the killer presentation, your audience is excited by your offer but for some reason they seem reluctant to hand over their payment card…could it be that the immediate investment is too high? Hang on, I’m not suggesting you discount your prices here…but have you considered making the immediate investment so low […]