To keep your business moving forward and making money, you want to be creating products. Whether they’re physical or virtual products, you create new content to suit your customer need.

Your Elegant Business Model will enable your business to evolve; leveraging your time, and getting you out of the “time for money trap”, but are you delaying putting that completed product out there until it’s “good enough”… are you waiting for perfection?

But when is good actually good enough? You’ve created a new program, written a new book or started recording videos. You’ve spent hours, days even, tweaking the product, editing and mapping out the entire process. But is the perfectionist in you slowly killing your business?

The bottom line is this: you are being paid to get results for your clients… not to be perfect.

I know the perfectionist in you wants everything to be perfect, you want perfection… you want to be perfect; but you cannot get results if your product isn’t even launched!

Being a successful entrepreneur is all about meeting a need, getting a solution out there and generating income fast… and this means acting fast.

If you’re delaying getting your product out there, if you’re aiming for perfection, the chances are you are focusing on the wrong area… you!

You’re worried about how you will look if your product isn’t “right”. You’re worrying about making the wrong move and heading in the wrong direction… bottom line, you’re scared. And this is understandable, but it’s of no help to your potential customers.

Start focusing on your customers.

What do they want and how can you help them? What solution do you have… that they need? How can you get this solution out there to them and what is the easiest way to do that? It could be an ebook, maybe a video or 30 day course.

And then start it. Don’t worry about having it perfect. You don’t need to have it all planned out… and going in any direction is better than going nowhere at all. If it’s a course, do you need to have all the steps in place before you get it out there?

It’s easier to correct the course you’re on, than never get started and it’s easier to tweak a product following customer feedback, rather than trying to second-guess what they might say.

Make the decision to stop aiming for perfection and focus on actual action. Commit to bringing a solution to your customers. Announce a launch date to them, before you’ve created the product… to really step up your commitment!

So what have you been putting off finishing or creating, because you want it perfect? What direction would you go in, if you didn’t have to worry about perfection?

What one step are you going to take to move forward? Why not share your thoughts on today’s topic in the comments section below?

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