Starting a business is relatively easy. You know what you want to provide, you plan it out and you start advertising and selling. Staying in business however, is that much harder.

It can be really difficult to be heard above the noise of your competitors. Everyone seems to be shouting their wares… and potential customers and clients are getting tired of the shouting.

So, how can you help your business stand out from the crowd? How can you help ensure you’re the one the customers take notice of? Here are 7 steps that can help you get noticed and be memorable to potential customers and clients.

#1 Give your customers what they want

Ask your customers what they need… and then look to provide a solution. If you are already providing a service or product, make sure it is actually needed, rather than trying to persuade a market that they need it.

#2 Specialise

Look to get known in a particular area or niche. You may be worried about discounting particular groups of clients, but in reality, specialising will help to build your profile and make you stand out.

#3 Be authentic – use simple values

Sometimes you can stand out in the crowd by simplifying things. People are inundated with emails on a daily basis… but how much personal post do they receive through their letterbox?

Standing out from the crowd could even be as simple as installing some “old fashioned” values back into your company and being honest and sincere with your clients.

#4 Position yourself as an expert

Getting awards and nominations can really help your credibility and assist in positioning yourself as the expert in your niche.

#5 Testimonials, recommendations

Build your credibility by regularly collecting testimonials and encouraging recommendations. This helps you to stand out from the crowd whilst also gaining potential new clients!

#6 Get involved locally

Sponsoring or donating to local events and charities can be a great way to help your local community, whilst also helping to raise your business profile… and can also give you material for your marketing.

#7 Be different, be creative

Look for other, more creative ways to stand out and help your customers. You could display locally produced artwork in your office or have dog water bowls outside. If you don’t have a physical business premise, you could be creative with your website design or marketing materials.

What business strategies do you use to stand out from the crowd? Have you found something that works particularly well with your niche? What works for you and your business and how quickly did you start seeing results? Why not share your thoughts on today’s topic in the comments section below?

One Response to “7 Steps To Help Your Business Stand Out From The Crowd”

  1. The thing that has really started working for us is media citation. And because media loves media, we are starting to get more exposure and more media contacts interested in interviewing us and featuring our quotes, articles etc in their publications, podcasts, blogs etc. And it all started with standing out from the crowd with the logo’s of NBC, CBS, ABC & Fox on our social media profile pics and email signature.

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