7 Steps To Help Your Business Stand Out From The Crowd

Starting a business is relatively easy. You know what you want to provide, you plan it out and you start advertising and selling. Staying in business however, is that much harder. It can be really difficult to be heard above the noise of your competitors. Everyone seems to be shouting their wares… and potential customers […]

4 Steps To Attracting More Blog Traffic

It is a challenge attracting traffic to your blog posts. You spend time putting out well written posts, then feel disappointed if your analytics show you that hardly anyone is reading them. I’ve discovered that there’s a certain type of blog post that often attracts a LOT more traffic. So today, I want to share […]

What Makes A Great Business Card?

A great business card is an asset to your business, but it’s difficult to know which details to include. So what makes a great business card? Your business card gets passed to your new contacts as a long term reminder of briefly meeting you in person… are you leaving your prospects with a good impression […]

Are You The Master Of All You Survey?

I’m not talking about living on a grand estate with lots of staff here… or even spending your working days clambering around properties wielding a clipboard (I’m no expert in either!) But, I’m referring to the wonderful resource of online surveys that enable you to ask questions of your clients and prospects… and be granted […]

How To Get More Clients | Guest Blogging

Today’s blog is in response to a post in our Platform Speakers forum from PPI Graduate Suzanne Fergus who asked “What is guest blogging and how is it best approached?” What is guest blogging? Put simply, you write a blog post sharing some great tips or strategies… but instead of it appearing in your own […]

10 Ways to Get More Clients & Make More Money (QUICKLY!)

Many business owners I come across are struggling to bring in new clients and generate profits. The shocking news is that most are none the wiser as to why. However, when taking a step back and looking at their marketing strategy, all is quickly revealed – they don’t have one. Their marketing campaigns are ad […]