Enhance Your Speaking Career with Good Copywriting…

Watch this Video Now… (for more like this and other free training subscribe to our Youtube Channel) Feature Article: Sales Letters That Fill Seminars-  The Big Idea! … with guest contributor – Pete Godfrey Sales letters that fill seminars is a BIG subject; too big for this small article. However, I’m going to give you […]

Leverage Your Speaking Career Using The Elegant Business Model

Click play to watch this video now! The Pareto Principle is always at play when it comes to your speaking career. Of the starry-eyed masses who choose to follow a career that involves speaking,  the truth is 20% of them will make 80% of the money. Which means the other 80% struggle, sharing the remaining […]

How to secure your public speaking career using membership sites

One of the traps that many speakers fall into is thinking in terms of getting “Paid per speech”.  But this turns you into nothing other than a highly paid labourer.  But even learning to sell from stage is not going to enhance your public speaking career unless you have an Elegant Business Model. One of […]

How to make your speaking career profitable: Building your own list.

One of the places that speakers routinely fall down when endeavouring to make their speaking career profitable is understanding marketing. There are very few people who are able to build a speaking career based on getting paid, regular gigs.  Those that do have a career like this are more often than not celebrities who are […]