Overcoming The Fear Of Speaking In Public

What’s the biggest fear people have? You may be surprised, but the number 1 fear is actually a fear of public speaking. And it’s ok to be afraid of public speaking!  After all, there’s lots of people feeling exactly the same way!  But I want to look at why it’s so important for you to […]

Keeping Time During a Presentation

It’s crucial to keep time at a multispeaker event because if you go over time, you impact any other speaker that comes after you. So here’s 2 great tips for keeping on time at your next presentation Anchor to your slideshow the time you should be at, to each picture or point in your slideshow. […]

Public Speaking Tips: Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Audience

Here is the first of 4 Key Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before You Settle On a Niche For Your Speaking.  Are other people interested in this topic? First thing to determine is whether people are actually looking for information related to your topic, or buying products or services in this niche.  You will be surprised […]

Free Webinar Series: The ABCs of Increasing Your Income From Speaking

Attention: Coaches, Consultants, Authors, Speakers, and Other Solo-preneurs Register Now for this FREE Webinar Series where I will reveal how I started with absolutely no database, and grew a successful 7 figure speaking business in my first year “The ABCs of Growing Your Business Through Speaking” Join me on these webinars, where I will reveal […]

Your Speaking Business: Reflect on how far you’ve come…

Take time reflect on how far you’ve come in the last period of time – whether its 5, 10 or even 20 years. It’s easy to get stuck in what you are doing and feel like things are moving too slowly for you. Remember: It takes time for things to become different for you in […]