Social Networking like a Pro

This week, Techie Guru, Vanessa Rothwell, shares her top social networking tips.   Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you have probably heard of Facebook and Twitter by now. These days you need to be on these sites from a business point of view even if it doesn’t interest you personally. You might think […]

Why YOU Need To Network

“Your network is your networth”.  In other words, who you hang out is a reflection of where you are right now in terms of career and finance.  Are your friends and colleagues high achievers, entrepreneurs, millionaires and massively successful people with a vision and a purpose?  In short, are they the people you aspire to […]

How To Use To Track and Measure Your Links

This week’s BTS tip comes from our Tech Guru, Vanessa Rothwell. Use to shorten your links when you are pasting links on blog posts, newsletters, emails, facebook, twitter and more. Setting up your own free account allows you to track statistics of your links Customise your link to be “friendlier” To access Bit.Ly go […]

How to Build Your List Through Public Speaking

In terms of marketing – Speaking is great for attracting new prospects The lifeblood of business is sales – so you need new prospects Even if you never close from stage NEVER walk away from a presentation without the details of every person in your audience If you offer them a free newsletter, or a […]

How To Use Public Speaking To Build Your Brand

There are Two angles of marketing that speaking is great for Number One is Branding Number Two is attracting New Prospects Nothing positions you more perfectly than stepping on a stage and speaking It makes you the Instant Expert Speak so that you Build Your Brand

The Client Appreciation Night

This is a simple, fool-proof way to build your list and make sales. The biggest mistake that most people make is looking outside of their business for profit making. Your current customers will buy again and again if you give them the chance. One Simple Strategy to Boost Your Profits this Month Host your own […]