How To Be The Go To Person In Your Niche

When you are seen to be the go to person in your niche your celebrity stock rises and your visibility increases. How to become the go to person is something all speakers need to figure out so as to attract regular gigs. The first stage to becoming a go to person is to define your […]

How to Fill a Room…

I recently got this comment from an extremely frustrated speaker: “Dear Joey, The more I listen to you talk about how successful your 1-day speaking events are, the more incapable I feel. You get hundreds of people in your room but when I recently ran a preview night for my 1-day workshop only 12 people […]

The Anatomy of The Perfect Squeeze Page

Today we’re talking about marketing and on the operating table I’ve placed a squeeze page (or lead capture page) for us to dissect. You must have heard the old internet marketing mantra that “the money is in the list” and the main role of a squeeze page is to build your list. Here at Shift […]

How To Create A Professional Video Even Spielberg Would Be Proud Of …

As we enter a new dawn of multimedia, it’s more important than ever to use video in your marketing. Let the power of your message go viral. As speakers, a video should (in theory!) be easy for you. So, let’s look at how to make your videos look slick and professional. Our resident video expert […]

How To Run a Successul Tradeshow or Exhibition

Trade shows are tough gigs. There are lots of stalls and marketers already there who are competing for the attention of the attendees. Go round and build relationships with the other stall holders – they already have lists of people who you can market to in the form of a joint venture.