What does that word mean for you?

Think about it.  Does it have a more positive or negative association for you? (For a lot of people, it’s negative!)

Now see yourself standing on stage, speaking in front of an audience of people and selling YOUR products or services.

Combine sales with public speaking and we have the perfect recipe for people being deep in their s***!

So let’s look at the 4 common fears around selling from stage and more importantly how you can overcome them!!!

4 Fears Which Stop You From Speaking On Stage

1.  You Don’t Know How.
If you are not currently achieving at the level you wish to, it is either because (a) you simply need more practice, or (b) there are unconscious issues limiting you.

2.  You Have A Personal Bias or Negative Belief Systems Around Sales
These include negative emotional responses, or belief systems around selling.  If you believe that “selling is bad” then you will not sell as well as you could.

Also, if you have seen selling from stage done badly in the past, then you will be biased against doing it. Some “purists” think that selling as a speaker is not what speaking is all about.  I disagree.  I believe ALL COMMUNICATION IS SALES.  No matter if you’re talking to your wife, son, friend or client, we’re always selling our attitudes, beliefs and ideals.

3.  You Have Unconscious, Unresolved Stuff Around Money
Beliefs like “money is the root of all evil” or that “money stinks” etc will stop people from being able to sell effectively.  If you have issues with being deserving or that money is not good- then this will be communicated energetically when you make sales from stage.

4.  Fear!

It doesn’t matter if its

o      fear of failure

o      fear of speaking

o      fear of success

o      fear of being found out

o      fear of doing a bad job

o      fear of being judged

o      fear of not making sales.

ALL or ANY of these common fears will stop you from being able to really confidently present your information and ask people to take action at the end.

It’s now time to get honest and discover whether your mindset is set up in the most powerful way for you to succeed.

Now let’s look at how to overcome these fears to make you as successful and as abundant as you deserve to be:

5 Step Plan For Overcoming Fears

  1. Let go of Fears From the Past
    There are many techniques for removing blockages and fears.  Shop around and see which one fits for you.
  2. Be prepared
    To this day I still get nerves but it helps that I talk about something I know.  Stick to your area of expertise – it will reduce the nerves.
  3. Use a Proven System
    With a proven system you don’t have to worry if it’s going to turn out wrong.
  4. Give Yourself Positive Suggestions
    It’s vital that you give yourself POSITIVE SUGGESTIONS.  And do visual rehearsal.  Prepare and rehearse the presentation step by step in your mind.  That will get you in the right frame of mind to deliver an awesome presentation and to make the sales that you want.

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway!

Don’t let your fears be the reason you don’t get out there and give these things a shot.  You will always have doubts and reservations about things, but let that be the reason to get out there and do it; rather than stopping you.  Leaving your comfort zone can be a scary thing but until you actually start, you will never really learn these tools.

You will never do it perfectly, I have never done it perfectly and I doubt I ever will. There’s always more to learn – but the fastest way to learn is to do!!

5 Responses to “Public Speaking Fears: 4 Common Fears Around Selling From Stage And How To Overcome Them”

  1. Great article as always Joey 🙂

    For me personally, I always had a ‘thing’ about selling to an audience that had already paid to attend a workshop/seminar that I was holding or speaking at. My thought process was “if they’ve already paid to be here, they won’t want to be sold to at the end” and that was always reflected in my pitch, which ended up being weak and unconvincing as a result.

    When I overcame this block and realised that people at least wanted the option to buy more or hear how I could help them further I was able to convert more and not “feel bad” for pitching to a paid audience…

    happy days 🙂

  2. I am already using the information I have learnt from Joanna and I am giving talks each month. I have just received an email saying that someone who attended the last talk has signed up for the course I am running!

    Thanks Joanna!

  3. Janie Jasin

    This is a very sticky subject and Gitomer has left many many people with a sick feeling for having gone to learn and told to buy. But that is his method and his books are fab and so well done but to pay and then blasted with “buy” leaves many sick to their tummy. I have been speaking for over 30 years… people buy my books afterwords… they see me read from the books with grace and love… then they buy them.. they buy almost anything I have on the table. Other items,charms and more… I stand at the table and as folks come in I say, :”Hi I am the speaker today and this is my stuff… take a look now because there will probably be a crowd here after ( then I say”Well maybe not here but in other groups there have been crowds”) and they pass and smile and that is it. I also say we take credit cards, checks, cash and promises. I have had 2 items not paid for in 35 years. I NEVER SELL FROM the platform I only give love and touch the books with sacred holding as I read.

  4. Over 2 months have passed since Joanna’s workshop in London, back in July and it’s amazing how much you forget when you have so much else going on. I’m really glad to continue receiving material like this as it helps to refresh what we’ve already learned.

    1 question: you mention about having a proven system. Is this in reference to the methods you taught us about getting rid of our nerves/fears or is it about having a ‘mini contents guide’ in your head to remind yourself about what things to cover during the presentation?

  5. Brilliant and practical tips and a great reminder since I last attended your Melbourne seminar.
    Thanks Joanna For reiterating that there Is no perfect public speaking session and IT Is always subject To more improvements. So true!

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