You work hard to promote your business and make those sales, but what happens after the sale? Do you leave your customer with the satisfaction of just purchasing from you, or are you taking the opportunity to continue building on your relationship?

You’ve asked for the sale… but did you remember to say thank you for their purchase?

 All businesses are built on trust. You work hard at building relationships with your potential and past customers, with the hope that it will end with a sale. But the sale isn’t actually the end result, building the relationship is… and that is why the thank you page is so important.

Offer help and reassurance

Your thank you page is a prime place to further your relationship with your customer. Thank them for their purchase, reassure them on their wise decision and offer them extra help. You want to make the whole buying experience a positive one, so they are totally satisfied with your product or service.

Encourage action

As with your sales pages, your thank you page should include a call to action… and it should be targeted to your market. That call to action can be in the form or another purchase, a bonus download or asking them for more information, just ensure that it is obvious what you’d like the customer to do next.

Spread the love

The thank you page is also a great place to work on the law of reciprocity. Your customer has just bought from you, so will be feeling quite positive and will naturally want to share that positivity… so make it easy for them and implement a ‘tell a friend’ campaign.

Offer them a special bonus for helping to spread they joy. Invite them to tell three friends by sending a prewritten tweet, status or email. This will help you build your list and spread the word, whilst enabling you to give your customer even more value.

Be grateful all over!

Saying thank you shouldn’t be reserved for just those customers who buy from you… remember to thank every customer who has completed any form of action.

This includes thanking those that fill out your opt-in box, those that contact you by email and those who have commented on your blog.

Those two simple words can make a massive difference to your customer, can build on your relationship, increase your sales and also raise the quality of your customer service… can you really afford not to say ‘thank you’?

Why not re-evaluate your thank you page to ensure your customer has a positive experience? If you don’t currently have a thank you page in place, I invite you to begin this New Year coming from a place of gratitude and build one into your sales funnel.

What strategies do you find work the best on your thank you page? Why not share those strategies by leaving a comment below?

5 Responses to “The Importance Of Your Thank You Page”

  1. Great post and advice, Joey, and I couldn’t agree more! I recommend going even a step further and sending clients a thank you card in the good old fashioned snail mail. Sending cards is something I have done my whole life to fortify relationships both personally and professionally. In 2006 I discovered a great service to help me do this more easily and cost effectively.

  2. Thanks Joey, we are building a new website for a specific Air Safari we are going to offer people. I love the idea of the ‘thank you’ page I will get our web man to include this on the new site. Thanks heaps.
    Cheers from a hot and windy Charleville.

  3. Hey Tracy- cards rock. Great idea. I used to do it more but have slackened off a bit of late. Should pull my socks up.

  4. What a fabulous idea! I used to always send a handwritten card to new clients; now it’s an electronic “thank you.” Adding a gratitude page to my website this week!

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