Today we’re talking about marketing and on the operating table I’ve placed a squeeze page (or lead capture page) for us to dissect. You must have heard the old internet marketing mantra that “the money is in the list” and the main role of a squeeze page is to build your list.

Here at Shift we prefer to call the list our ‘community’ because essentially it’s all about building a relationship between me and you. You may have joined our community via this blog, from one of my speaking engagements, or you may have opted-in to one of my squeeze pages.

Here are 2 examples of squeeze pages I use: – This page offers a free chapter from our speaker blueprint and grows our Shift Speaker Training Community – This free gift is 7 video tips on lifestyle design and is designed to grow our Shift Lifestyle Community

Note they are entirely different communities, both with separate needs, frustrations, desires and wants and so have 2 completely different gifts.

Tip: Take the time to check them out yourself and if you haven’t already got your free gift, why not opt in so you can dissect the email sequences we use too!

Should You Use A Squeeze Page?

Squeeze pages are used by internet savvy business owners, solo-entrepreneurs and anyone with a free online product they want to give away in return for building a list. This online community then represents a readymade and targeted audience for your paid products and courses so it’s a must-have if you are serious about creating financial success.

Tip: As a speaker, I 100% recommend a squeeze page because when you build your community you can then promote your speaking gigs to them. Did you know most of our speaking gigs are filled by our own community? You see when you create a good relationship with your community, a relationship based on value, they will love the opportunity to see you live.

The Anatomy Of A Squeeze Page

There are three components every squeeze page should possess:

1. An powerful and alluring headline that gets the prospects attention, promises great benefit and forms a connection with the target audience;

2. The benefits are outlined in a bulleted-list with a strong and compelling description which incites the reader to complete the opt-in form

3. A call to action where the reader provides their contact data in response to your initial promise and the relationship building process can commence.

Tip: When you are creating your own squeeze page, the more targeted the audience the better your conversion rate will be. As a giveaway, you might choose a free report, an ebook, a series of video tips, an interview with an expert etc. All too often I see people giving away free products that have NOTHING to do with their ongoing products! Make sure there is a connection between your free giveaway and your paid products.

How You Create A Squeeze Page

Even though the general structure of a squeeze page is quite simple, the copy-writing to prepare the headline, benefit bullets and even the call to action can have a huge influence on the conversion rate. Therefore before actually making a squeeze page, stop and consider:

1. Who are your target audience

2. What problem are you attempting to solve for them and how you can reflect this in your headline

3. Create at least four benefits to be offered via the bullet points

4. The nature of your offer when creating the call to action.

Finally . . .

Two final points to consider as you create your first lead capture page:

• Though many early lead capture pages were “text-oriented” there is a growing trend to use a video (usually between the headline and last two sections) with the author adding a personal message that is often far more compelling. Video lead capture pages usually have higher conversion rates. As a speaker you should be experts at this!

• Good copy writing is an art form. Everyone should study multiple examples of lead pages targeting a variety of niches. Don’t be afraid to “borrow” ideas, especially from pages believed to have higher conversion rates.

• If in doubt, hire a copywriter!

So now you know how to create the perfect squeeze page, I hope to see you starting your very own community soon! If you have anything you want to add to this, please drop me a comment below.

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