55 Responses to “Scarcity and Celebrity”

  1. It urks me that peoples failsafe is always the government isnt doing it, so why should I? type of argument. This isnt good enough for me and I will always try to continually ask more of people because If I dont then apathy will reign, the brain drain will continue and good people will give up.

  2. Paul Newmans own favorite role of all time (which he noted in interviews) is also mine: Coach Reggie Dunlap in the 1977 classic Slapshot.

  3. so for you nic, i simply think you are part of the problem. typical of you to call a white man racist just because he is white. all my comments were made against anc supporters, not all black people. there is a huge difference there. not all black people support anc, which is a racist assumption from yourself.

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