What do you think of when you hear the word ‘selling’?

To the vast majority of us, the word ‘selling’ tends to immediately lead us to think of negative associations, such as stress, anxiety, pushiness and pressure.

The problem is we all know that in order to succeed in business we need to be able to sell, but we just don’t want to be seen as… well, pushy. So, is there a better, more positive way of looking at sales?

We’ve all heard the saying ‘do what you love and the money will follow’, but this phrase is usually misinterpreted to mean we just do what we love, then sit back and wait.

There are actually three clear steps to make this saying our reality… and our selling process easier and I’m going to share them with you now.

#1 Admit your passion

The first step is to actually admit what it is that you love to do. Most of us focus on where the money is; on what we like that CAN bring in the money.

You need to be honest about where your passions are… and totally embrace them. Ask yourself what you would do all day, if money was no object… and THAT is your real passion… when you’d be most in flow!

#2 Believe in you

Once you have your passion, you need to be credible to yourself. What are the reasons why someone should come to you? What makes you the right person to sell this product? Build up your own credibility by finding out what sets you apart from your competitors.

Don’t just focus on the qualifications you may (or may not) have. If you have a talent, then THAT is your qualification to do what you do.

Find that internal credibility that will feed your determination to be the best at whatever you do. Admit your passion and then own it; get excited by it and be convinced; own your talent and get sold… on you!

#3 Share that passion

Finally get out there and share your uniqueness, your talent with the world at large. There is no point having a talent or special skill, if you’re not going to share it.

Think about all those people who are missing out on what you’re offering, by you not getting out there. You’re not selling what you are doing… you are helping someone out; you are solving a problem someone has.

When you approach selling from a place of service, you will not have to worry about being pushy or ‘salesy’, you will be offering a much needed service.

Knowing what your passion is and believing in what you do, will ensure you are naturally honest, convincing and enthusiastic about what you do and THIS is what will encourage customers to buy from you… and ensure your selling success.

Did you make a career change to embrace your talents and passions? Do you have a great strategy for making your sales process more service orientated? Why not share your strategies by leaving a comment below?

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