1. Location, location, location.
    Snow?  What snow?  No longer will the miseries of the English winter dampen your commute into work.  There is no commute!  All you need to do is pull on a warm dressing gown, do a few yoga stretches and mosey on over to your desk.  *Note for Australians please replace snow for intense, heat-wave and replace slippers for thongs.  (The Aussie kind of thongs mind. . . )
  2. Alarm Clock Bliss
    Following on from the previous point, running your own virtual office means you can set your alarm clock half an hour to an hour later than anyone else!  Yes, that extra 30 minutes snuggled up under the sheets on a cold winter’s day is truly worth it.  OR if you’re keen to make the most of your day, use the extra time for some meditation, a jog, a gym fix, a lingering homemade weekend kind of breakfast or even some work.
  3. What did you do last night?
    Once you’re stuck into your workday, you might notice a strange thing.  And that’s the sound of silence.  Yes, in your own virtual office you will not be subject to the intricacies of what your fellow office colleagues did last night, what they ate last night, what they thought about what they ate, who they ate with, how much it cost and best of all, you won’t even have to pretend you care.  In your own virtual office you can tell yourself your own stories and laugh or not.  It’s your choice.
  4. Bad Hair Day
    Another joy, perhaps one of the biggest, of running your own virtual office is the fact that no-one will see you.  That’s right.  The days of desperately trying to tame your hair into shape with minutes to spare are long gone.  Now you can saunter downstairs with twigs in your hair for all your clients care (as long as you don’t do any video conferencing or video skype calls . . .).  Have the hairstyle you always craved.  In fact, I recommend going to work with a Mohican just for a giggle. 
  5. Ditto Clothes.
    Wear what you want and wear it bad.  If Lady GaGa can wear a telephone why can’t you?
  6. Who Wants A Cup of Tea?
    You know what I mean right?  You’re sitting in the office desperate for a cup of tea but no-one’s made any for a while and the energy of the office is wilting.  But you know if you step up and make a play for the kitchen you have to run the mug gauntlet.  You not only end up making tea for yourself but for the dozen or so lazy so and so’s in the office who have been waiting with parched mouths for this very moment for the past 3 hours.  Ha!  In a virtual office there’s only you to make tea for you and even better . . . you only have to wash up your mug!
  7. Air Con?  What Air Con?
    No more hot summer days sat sweating at your desk.  In your own virtual office you can go where ever you please . . .and I don’t just mean the local Starbucks.  I  mean anywhere in the world . . . imagine that!
  8. Working 9 to 5
    Sang Dolly Parton but what did she know?  Working virtually means you can more or less work the hours you please.  Just as long as you get the work done and the results on the board.
  9. Happy Birthday
    OK, working virtually might mean you miss out on a birthday cake. But think positive!  If you work in a team, your virtual team can sing happy birthday down skype to you from anywhere in the world!  If you’ve never experienced this . .  try it.  It’s more fun than it sounds.
  10. Productivity
    I saved the best till last.  Running your own virtual office often means you get more done.  Why?  Because you’re free to focus on the tasks that really matter and then you’re free to get the results you really want.


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