10 Simple Reasons Why YOU Should Run Your Own Virtual Office

Location, location, location.Snow?  What snow?  No longer will the miseries of the English winter dampen your commute into work.  There is no commute!  All you need to do is pull on a warm dressing gown, do a few yoga stretches and mosey on over to your desk.  *Note for Australians please replace snow for intense, […]

You’ve Got Your Prospects To The Back Of The Room . . . Now What?

By Donna Powell   It’s at the back of the room, or at the enrolments table where the business end of things happens. This is where the success of your presentation is measured via the number of sales you make and the money you take home in your pocket. It’s here the order forms are […]

The 4 Key Questions To Ask Yourself When Creating Systems In Your Business

This week’s BTS tip come from the delightful Donna Powell -our very own General Manager. Systems are the foundations of your business. Everyone in your business needs to use the same system. Ask yourself what is your outcome, i.e., is it to save time? What are the steps you want your people to follow to […]

How To Make Selling YOUR Product As Easy As Possible For You

By Donna Powell   So the big day has arrived! After months of hard work this is the day you launch your ebook/seminar/product into the marketplace.  What’s that noise?  Why, it’s the sound of thousands of customers flooding through your doors making more money for you in a week than you earned in a month […]