4 Common Myths Around Speaking From Stage

Hi there.  I’ve been speaking from stage for around 11 years now and within that time I’ve seen some very strange myths about speakers. Today, I’m going to dive into them and dismantle them one by one! Here are four common, and untrue myths. Myth #1: You have to be educated to become a public […]

15 Ways to Increased Motivation!

We all have days where we struggle to stay motivated, especially if you’re working on a large or long-term project. It’s even more depressing, when you really want the goal you’re aiming for… and yet you’re struggling to find the energy to actually do any work towards it! Motivation is like any muscle; it needs […]

5 Steps to Add Passion to Your Speaking Gigs

Whether you are giving a presentation to hundreds of people at a seminar, or talking informally to a small group of people at a networking event, you want to be memorable. You want those people to leave with a positive experience, remembering you as someone who they can work with or build a relationship with. […]

Teething, Sleeping and Your Energy Levels!

Recently I made a post on Facebook that seemed to resonate with lots of you! The post was: “It seems that excitement about the day, being in flow, the universe handing you everything you ask on a silver platter… it all crumbles in the face of another sleepless teething night. Arrrrrggggh! Today’s lesson: life starts […]

What Support Groups Can Do For You And Your Business

Whether you’ve been in business for a while or are a relatively new start-up, business isn’t all plain sailing. It can be extremely long hours and lots of hard work and, with small home-based businesses on the rise, it can also be lonely. Our friends and family can’t always fully support us, as they may […]

Is Selling From Stage Still Acceptable In 2014?

This week I received a great question from someone in my community. As it’s relevant to everyone who presents, I thought I’d share the question and my response with you here… “I did your course 3 years ago and initially had some success with following your 4 permissions and making an offer from stage. Recently […]