Your Business Is A Tree

As you read this, it’s the Easter holidays, and we’re looking forward to a new season beginning. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed a nice few days break… just like plants or trees, businesses (and humans) need periods of rest before they can launch themselves forward again. Your business is a tree It needs roots to anchor itself, […]

It Is Important To Have Good Credibility!

In your speaking business, one of the key areas you must be focusing on is your credibility. Without it, you won’t be trusted and you’ll find you’re a) not getting gigs, and b) not making sales from stage Why is it important to have good credibility? To become that “sought after person” who people are […]

Your Powerful Voice

You’ve got a message to share with the world… and you were put on this world to make your difference. And if you want to create change in others, you’ve got to get your message heard. Your voice is a powerful tool… and it’s been said that over a third of your outcome depends on […]

Build Audience Rapport In Your Room

When you first show up on stage, you have around 30 seconds to engage your audience and capture their attention.  If you miss your moment to win them over, you can get it back, but it’s hard work! One of the ways I teach to capture the attention of your audience is to use “Icebreaker […]

4 Budget Saving Tips For Finding Good Training Venues!

It can be difficult to find good training venues that don’t cost you an arm and a leg; but if you follow the steps in this blog post, you should be able to find a good training venue that fits your budget AND expectations. Simple steps to finding good training venues; 1.    Be clear on the […]

4 Steps For Effective Outsourcing

When you find yourself rushing around… doing everything in your business, it is a great opportunity to start outsourcing your low value activities to make the most of your time. You can outsource things like; Cleaning – having your home cleaned each week, or your ironing taken care of Bookkeeping – unless you’re an accounting […]