I thought Id put together a quick post today about “How to Get the Best Quality Webinar Recording Using Screenflow or Camtasia.”

Presentation Profits Graduate Catherine Watkin posted this question in our closed forum on Friday:

So I filmed a response coz I thought you all might like to know.

Do you have any killer webinar tips?

6 Responses to “Free Webinar Tip: How to Make the Best Quality Webinar Recording”

  1. Thank you Joanna!
    you are prefect in giving authentic information as usual !
    I meant it perfect in any small detail !

    being pleasure to be your subscriber and attended your workshops.

    I learned from you that every small detail which supports the main content / I mean music back ground and even the lyric of that music and a lot of small detail in your presentation/ is on purpose and perfectly match to the general idea, which makes the product outstanding!

  2. Hi Jo
    I have been looking to join the facebook forum you mentioned at PPI but can’t find it.
    Just come back of holiday where I watched all the videos at my leisure
    loads of great ideas

  3. Hi Joanna,
    Thanks so much for such a wonderful and personalised response to my query! I shall try my very best to master all these different screens and softwares – and I will keep telling myself “If Joey can do it, so can I” that will be my mantra! Watch this space, fabulous home study programme coming soon!
    Catherine x

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