4 Fairytale Myths Around Speaking From Stage

Once upon a time there was a talented and hard-working (and very beautiful!) coach who was passionate about helping normal, everyday people realise their dreams. She worked with her clients from dawn to dusk to help them be bolder in their lives and often to a lot of success. Then one day she woke up […]

Make It Easy For Customers to Buy With a Flexible Payment Plan

So you’ve just delivered the killer presentation, your audience is excited by your offer but for some reason they seem reluctant to hand over their payment card…could it be that the immediate investment is too high? Hang on, I’m not suggesting you discount your prices here…but have you considered making the immediate investment so low […]

4 Common Myths Around Speaking From Stage

Wowsers. I just realised this morning that I’ve been speaking from stage for around 10 years now! Apart from making me feel quite old it also reinforces just how much experience I’ve had on the speaking circuit . . . I’ve spoken on other people’s stages, I’ve run my own highly successful events, I’ve even […]

The Secrets of Business and Language

How is Business like Learning a Language? No it’s not a riddle – there are three basic steps… There are phases you pass through when learning business, just like learning a language. Being successful in business is really as simple as learning the language of business. First you need to get the basics and learn […]

Training Your Audience: The Game of “Simon Says”

Leadership shows up in all areas of business and especially so from stage. In fact, to be on stage, you really do need to possess strong leadership skills. How else will you get your audience to respond to you and buy from you if you don’t show leadership? You must let your audience know that […]

Message to Market Match

Market trends necessitate us always staying on top of what your audience wants – at all times during the year. It’s all about matching your audience to your market. What you are delivering must match up to the people in your audience If they’re not your target market – you won’t sell It is possible […]