Presentation Skills: Using statistics to prove your points

I believe that one of the best presentation skills you can have is the ability to deliver “effective presentations”. These are the kind of presentation that don’t just inform, but involve, inspire and move people to action. A core part of moving people to action is that you have to prove and back up your […]

Free Public Speaking Tips: Starting Your Presentation Powerfully

  Should You Be Using Ice Breaker Activities in Your Presentation? When you are delivering an effective presentation, you have around 30 seconds to engage your audience and capture their attention.  If you miss it in the first 30 seconds, you can get it back, it just takes a whole lot longer!  And it’s hard […]

Public Speaking Tips: Choosing a speaking niche part 4

Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Audience Part 4 There Are 4 Key Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before You Settle On a Niche For Your Speaking.  In the last blog article we looked at some easy ways of accessing your niche.   This week and in the final part of our series, the fourth key […]