Are You The Master Of All You Survey?

I’m not talking about living on a grand estate with lots of staff here… or even spending your working days clambering around properties wielding a clipboard (I’m no expert in either!) But, I’m referring to the wonderful resource of online surveys that enable you to ask questions of your clients and prospects… and be granted […]

Do You Reserve A BIG Social Marketing Smile For Your Prospects?

Today’s guest blogger is my social media adviser, Veronica Pullen who some of you may know from our Platform Speakers and the 7 Figure Speaking System Facebook Forums. I’ve asked Veronica to share some of her strategies with you today to help you see greater results from your social media marketing. Over to you Veronica… […]

10 Ways to Get More Clients & Make More Money (QUICKLY!)

Many business owners I come across are struggling to bring in new clients and generate profits. The shocking news is that most are none the wiser as to why. However, when taking a step back and looking at their marketing strategy, all is quickly revealed – they don’t have one. Their marketing campaigns are ad […]

What Does Your Out Of Office Message Say About You?

By Joanna Martin Many business owners use an out of office auto responder message when they are away from the office for any length of time. In fact, it’s good practice, because it lets senders know they may not receive a response for a while, and directs them to any of your team members who […]

How To Use Tear Sheets In Your Direct Mail Campaigns

By Joanna Martin Are you using tear sheets in your direct mail campaigns? Maybe I should re-phrase the question… do you know what tear sheets are and how much impact they can have on getting your speaking business ‘out there’? When I talk about tear sheets, I am often met with a lot of blank […]

How To Create Your Basic Presentation Template

If you are just starting out in your journey to become a speaker and sell from stage, you may be feeling daunted by the prospect of preparing your slides presentation… I know it can be easy to spend so much time focusing on your content that you may overlook the finer details that bring the […]