How To Run a Successul Tradeshow or Exhibition

Trade shows are tough gigs. There are lots of stalls and marketers already there who are competing for the attention of the attendees. Go round and build relationships with the other stall holders – they already have lists of people who you can market to in the form of a joint venture.

Marketing Your Seminar: Finding A Room Full Of People To Present To

Marketing your seminars is one of the greatest obstacles I find with people starting out in the public speaking business. Who on earth am I going to present to? Where are they all and how do I get them into a room? Let’s look at 2 easy options for you to find your target market: […]

Why You Need A Blog

This week our tip is supplied by website guru, Vanessa Rothwell. Vanessa – or Ness – worked as Shift Speaker Training’s very own in-house Web Developer for 2 years. In fact, she was with Joey and Greg right from the beginning, helping them as they started out in those early days and grew to what […]

How to Build Your Email List

Have an Opt-In page. Ensure you have something that is good value to give away for free in return for people’s email address. Send traffic to the Opt-In page. Use social media such as facebook and twitter. Keep active by updating your blog, tweeting, or posting on facebook at least every day or two. Maintain […]

The Importance of Choosing Your Niche

You need a Niche an inch wide and a mile deep You must start with a small and specific group of people Once you become the King or Queen of that niche – Then you can expand If you try to go too wide at the start you won’t get anybody The smaller and more […]

Building Your List With EBAY- Public Speaking Tips from Matt Clarkson

We got so much feedback on Facebook, twitter and in the inbox about this post yesterday that I thought I’d take it a step further for you guys. (By the way are you following me yet?  Twitter: joannamartin; Facebook: Joanna Martin) Last month I interviewed Matt Clarkson- EBay Millionaire – on some advanced “how to […]