Your Business Is A Tree

As you read this, it’s the Easter holidays, and we’re looking forward to a new season beginning. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed a nice few days break… just like plants or trees, businesses (and humans) need periods of rest before they can launch themselves forward again. Your business is a tree It needs roots to anchor itself, […]

4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Choosing A Business Mentor!

Do you currently have a business mentor? You see, I attribute much of my success to my life-long commitment to my own personal development… and to choosing the right business mentors who support me, inspire me and keep me grounded. One of the problems a lot of people face when they’re getting started in their […]

Do You Fear Speaking From Stage?

For a lot of business owners, the very thought of standing in front of an audience and speaking is terrifying. I also hear from people every day who feel stuck in their business… they’re unsure of what to do next that will attract new clients. If speaking from stage is something you fear, you can […]