Stand Still! A Simple and Powerful way to Re-Centre Yourself

Stand Still There is nothing worse than a speaker who dithers and wanders aimlessly about the stage Standing still makes you feel more grounded… …which gives you more confidence… …which helps you to earn more money Be Strong, and Calm, and Centered. It makes you audience feel more comfortable with you.

Breaking the Ice

Back at the beginning of January I wrote about a whole load of techniques to break the ice with your audience – but I haven’t actually shown you it in action yet. So I thought I’d show you a little sneak preview of breaking the ice IN ACTION at my Presentation Profits Intensive seminar. Remember […]

Free Public Speaking Tips: Body Use and Satir categories

This video is one of the videos take from inside my Silver Mentoring Program Training Series.  I have released it so that you can see a sample of some of the types of training tips we have inside.  We are opening the gates on our “Brand New Launch Offer” for the Silver Mentoring Program in […]