Your Powerful Voice

You’ve got a message to share with the world… and you were put on this world to make your difference. And if you want to create change in others, you’ve got to get your message heard. Your voice is a powerful tool… and it’s been said that over a third of your outcome depends on […]

The Secret of Success Stories In Your Presentation

There’s nothing more influential than hearing how someone else has become successful to inspire people to action during your presentation. If you had to include ONE presentation skill into your next presentation, make it this one! The key benefits of using success stories are: They hammer home your credibility. They convince your audience that you […]

Tips For Public Speaking: How To Be Authentic on Stage

I often get asked for tips on public speaking.  Often, people think there is some kind of science or formula to being on stage.  But the truth to being a successful public speaker is much simpler than that. Listen very carefully . . .. . . . All you need to do is . . […]

How to Get Speaking Gigs

Who are your Target Market? – Describe them Demographically Where do these people gather in groups? Attend the functions you would like to speak at. Build a Relationship with the event promoter

The Power Of Ritual – 6 Golden Rules

I know some speakers who are extraordinarily superstitious.  So how important is ritual? Ritual has its rightful place in the speaking business.  Stepping onto stage requires courage, preparation and calm.  So getting into the right mental and physical state becomes a ritual.  Here are 6 of my rituals which I always use before I speak. […]

Opening Your Presentation : Questions

Let’s start at the beginning – those valuable first few minutes on stage. Full of nerves you stand in front of a sea of faces… So, how do you open your presentation and get your audience’s participation from the word go? Ask a broad question that people are most likely to answer yes to. Then […]