Timing – Why you Must Keep to Time

When you are doing a presentation you must stick to time At a multi speaker event if you over run, the promoter will not be happy. The speakers after you won’t like it either You can perfect your presentation timing by practice, practice, practice If you haven’t started to close by about 60-70minutes your close […]

The 3 Steps to Influencing your Audience: Step 2 – Inspire

This is the second part in a series of 3 Behind the Scenes tips on influence. In this tip I talk about the second step to influence – inspiring your audience. This content is taken directly from my Presentation Profits Intensive seminar. To inspire – breathe life into the dreams of your audience You’re not […]

Why Your Voice Is The Most Important Tool You Have

Speaking is a key area in almost every business, be it negotiations, promotions and of course, speaking and selling from stage.  This makes it ALL THE MORE important to know just how powerful your voice can be.  Your Voice Is Your Money-Making Machinery. Understanding this will make you a truly exceptional speaker with the power […]

Choosing the Right Environment for Your Presentation

The venue and environment you select when doing your presentation is as much a vital part of what you do as everything else. You want to choose somewhere that supports your message and adds to what you want to achieve. For Example: Don’t choose somewhere dark and gloomy if you have a bright and sunny […]

Using Powerful Language in Your Presentations

In order to become a speaker that moves hearts and minds and is memorable, you need to use an element to your language that is unforgettable. Like Shakespeare did in his plays, if you can use verbs in a powerful way in your presentation, you will find it all comes to life. This is the […]