Welcome to the Challenge Day 10.

This is one of my absolute favourite strategies for new speakers and professionals alike.  Webinars are seriously under-utilised.  And they can make serious money.

In this video I discuss:

  • 5 reasons you should start using webinars immediately
  • How one of my students attended Presentation Secrets and made $36,000 a week later using webinars
  • My preferred webinar service provider.

In terms of what you should SAY on your webinars.  Well thats is simply my “Effective Presentation Formula” which I go into detail on at  Presentation Secrets training which starts on Tuesday in Perth.  Who am I seeing there? You?

Today’s Project

  1. Participate in a webinar so you understand how they work if you never have before
  2. Check out GoToWebinar for their month free trial and have a play around.  Its really simple to get a page set up (5 mins even if you’re a technophobe!
  3. Familiarise yourself with the 7-Shift Effective Presentation Formula (you can download it for free using the option box to the right of this article or by going to www.shiftspeakertraining.com/blueprint)

Write your comments and questions below

Have you done webinars before?  Did you have any challenges?  What do you like about them or what are the problems?  Lets see if I can help you at all!

See you tomorrow!


PS Remember the Competition:

It closes at midnight Aussie time on the 4th of March.  I’ll be announcing the winner on the afternoon of Day 14! (5th of March) You can win over $244 worth of great prizes including:

A signed copy of my brand new book “The Presentation Profits Blueprint”

2 Free Tickets to my 1-day Training “Presentation Secrets”. It will be held around Australia in March and London in May.  Here are the dates. You can see more details on the webiste here.

Australian Dates: are on sale now!
• Perth – 6th March
• Melbourne – 9th March
• Brisbane – 12th March
• Adelaide – 19th March
• Sydney – 21st March

UK Dates: not on sale until 15th March 2012 (so just put the date in your diary and get your video up to win your place)
• London #1 – 11th May
• London #2 = 12th May
• London #3 – 25th May

I’ll be announcing the winner on the 5th of March- so I look forward to seeing your responses! All you have to do is film your response to what you’re learning in the challenge, post it to youtube with a link here on the blog… and I’ll give my favourite entry the prize!



15 Responses to “Speaker’s 14-Day Challenge: Day 10 – How to do webinars”

  1. Great advice as ever I have just book my first webinar for 14th March. I wanted to thank you Jo for providing the inspiration to write my first book – Be A Job Magnet – 7 secrets that guarantee you an unfair advantage in the current job market. It was after attending your one day Secrets of Selling from Stage event in London that I started. thanks a million Adrian Evans

  2. Thanks Jo. That’s a great way to get some runs on the board.
    OK so far I’m thinking….

    1. High value freebie for grabs at the opt-in page to build community.
    (can do)

    2. Deliver interesting, meaningful updates each month to connect with the community.
    (hmmm probably tips, insights, articles etc – can do)

    3. Create a product or service to offer to current & new clients.
    (probably a webinar or video course – a niche within the niche?)

    4. Write a webinar presentation (use the 7 shifts) and make your offer.
    (learn & practice… definitely doable.)

    6. rinse and re-pete.

    Looking good (finally some structure!)

  3. I tried another video which I’m not sure is better than my first attempt – do you know I’m a really smiley person, and in front of the camera I’m a little frozen and not my usual smiley self! You make it look so easy Joanna
    Good luck to anyone else trying their luck with a video post! I actually stuck in 2 (Joanna said it was OK!)

  4. Thanks Dawn for the video! Don’t worry- you’ll never be yourself the first few times in front of a camera. I’ve spent literally thousands of hours in front of it now. Makes it seem much easier than it can be when you first start out!. Thanks for the vid!

  5. Peter- That sounds PERFECT! You’ve got it nailed. Just make sure each of the pieces is what they TRULY DESIRE to learn about and you’re home and hosed!! Well done.

  6. Hi Adrian! That is great news. Thanks for sharing. So happy to have been able to help!

  7. Thank you Joanna for the huge impast the 14 day challenge has had on my business and finally a vision that is a little clearer..

    The value leading up to Tueday has prepared me for what will be a very powerful day.. choosing to learn so much! 🙂

    It is the start of the weekend here and as you know.. it is so important to play, create memories and add to our life stories.. Enjoy the two videos l made today..Interesting when one prepares her notes… the word um…. is not present….LOL

    See you Tuesday. x

    Leanne Oshea
    Choices Global & Leaders Being Leaders

  8. Dawn that second video was great! You came across really natural, your content was helpful and you sounded relaxed and genuine. Well done 🙂

  9. Peter, how very kind of you to say! That’s made my day! Good luck for your entry too.

  10. Hi Joanna, busy working for international client but hey I would not sleep tonight if I would not create a video for your challenge! My daughter is ill and at home but she has pushed me to shoot this video:


    Have a great time doing your public speaking events this year. And to all – just create persuasive presentations. Be yourself, the rest will come later but it will come.

  11. Hi Joanna,

    Firstly, thanks for the fantastic Speaker’s 14 Day Challenge. Not only have I learnt a lot, but it has also been a lot of fun and it has seriously pushed me out of my comfort zone!

    Here’s my video for the competition: http://youtu.be/y3gY6Jz8lJ4

    Hope you enjoy it as I would love to win the tickets! It would be fantastic to fly over from Portugal for the event and be able to learn even more to develop my non-profit JaziGiving.

    Thanks a lot for everything,
    Jane Boogaard

  12. Hi Joanna,

    Thanks for a great Challenge! After an emotional day yesterday I created this video to sum up my major learning – and interestingly enough, help pull me through the slump! Not sure that’s what you intended it for but nonetheless, it worked ( : Deb


  13. Deb – I loved your message and promise to yourself – thanks for sharing. I must admit last weekend went Joanna posted about the importance of looking after ourselves and spending quality time with loved ones, it really hit a nerve in me too. Almost more than all that fantastic advice for speaking training – it’s great stuff folks. Your videos are awesome!

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