The reason I chose this particular Behind the Scenes tip this week is because I was having a chat with one of our speaker trainers, Heather Yelland, and she commented on how effortless it seemed to fill our room for our 1-day “Presentation Secrets” event.

I started to answer her . . . but because ‘how do I put bums on seats?’ is a question I get asked ALL the time, I thought I would film this little tip so you can fill your events effortlessly and easily.

  • What is it that allows us to be 80-90% sold out in 3 of our 5 cities?
  • Most people think there must be one magic pill to filling a room.
  • There’s not one way to fill a room . . .
  • There’s fifty ways to put one person in a room!
  • Most people won’t want to do what it takes
  • Why? Because filling a room is challenging and means lots of boring, unglamorous tasks like writing copy, picking up the phone, press releases, maintaining your JV relationships between the events.
  • You need to focus on these 3 pillars:
    • Firstly, build your community
    • Secondly, Promote your event to your community
    • Thirdly, convert your promotions into sales

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