I’m a great believer in staying inside your comfort zone.  Lets face it. Being outside your comfort zone is by definition uncomfortable.  But I am also a great believer in STRETCHING your comfort zone- so more and more activities become comfortable for you.

As its the weekend- of course, there’s no video today (I don’t show anyone what I look like on the weekends except my family 😉

But I wanted to post this little reminder to let you know two things:

1. Stretch your comfort zone

2. If you don’t know how to do that- film a video response today for the competition.




You have 4 hours (well really I suppose you have until I wake up tomorrow which is more like 12 hours) to get your video response in.  There’s been some great ones- take some time to have a look through the comments and see them!

You could win 2 free tickets to presentation Secrets and a signed Copy of my new book!  Hope to hear form you!  I’ll be announcing the winner and the final tip tomorrow.


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