Welcome to the Challenge Day 9.

Its’ time to talk about the money.  So many speakers make the mistake of speaking lots, but not being intentional about the next step.  You always need to be thinking- what is the next logical step in the development of this individual in my audience.  And make sure to make them an offer.

In this video I discuss:

  • What you can make an offer on in your presentations
  • The most important tool you need to make your offers well
  • A free gift to help you craft your offers superbly

I speak in detail about how to make offers at our Presentation Secrets training which starts on Tuesday in Perth.  Seats for Australian events are really starting to sell out fast now.  So grab a seat quickly if you’re in Australia here.

If you’re in there UK join the Early Bird List so that as soon as tickets go on sale you can grab your seat (and all the bonuses) quickly.

Today’s Project

  1. Think about a presentation you have coming up (or one you could plan to have soon)
  2. Ask yourself what do these people need to further their development- what would be the next logical step for them?
  3. What offer could you make
  4. Familiarise yourself with the 7-Shift Effective Presentation Formula (you can download it for free using the option box to the right of this article or by going to www.shiftspeakertraining.com/blueprint)

Write your comments and questions below

Share any challenges you have with designing or making offers below and we’ll see how we can help. Let us know what has and hasn’t worked in your business.

See you tomorrow!


PS Remember the Competition: on the 5th of March I’ll be reviewing the video responses to the Challenge. That means you have just 4 days to get your responses in.  All you need to do is shoot a short 2 minute video on what you’ve got, or what you’re up to.  I’ll choose my favourite and the winner will receive 2 FREE TICKETS to my Presentation Secrets Event in London or Australia (you can see the details here); plus a signed copy of my new book which I’ll be launching in March.  Good luck!



One Response to “Speaker’s 14-Day Challenge: Day 9- Make Great Offers”

  1. Had to stop this little gem part way through, dive off and make a nice little offer for today’s presentation. I had already created some top tips for my audience -however, a big part of my personal story I’m sharing today is the level of success I have enjoyed on social media – so I just added a nice offer on buying an on-line social media training package – it seemed to make sense! This is where I find it a little difficult (sounds mad I know) but having been invited to talk chocolate and my business story so far, if I’m selling a product to the audience I need to do this with grace and oozing positivity at the opportunity (and this is where I struggle in the asking for pennies dept and making it sound like a not to be missed opportunity!) More watching for me then…..yippee!

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