Mistake # 1 – Not Selling

Your message alone is not enough to inspire people to buy your products and services.  Not giving a sales pitch to your audience is doing them a disservice. In order to make a real difference in someone’s life, you must give them the opportunity for an ongoing education.  If they don’t buy from you, they’ll buy from someone else.

Mistake # 2 – Poor Organisation

This will only cause you stress and confusion but what’s ten times worse, it leaves money on the table.  That’s because if you confuse them, you lose them.

There are 3 key ways that poor organisation shows up:

a)   A confusing offer.  The Solution – spend time crafting a clear offer for your product
b)   Confusion about how to pay for the offer.  The solution – Be 100% clear on the system you are using to take the money and implement this system at your event.
c)   Lack of support staff.  The solution – Make sure you have at least one sales member to field questions and help close sales.

Mistake # 3 – A Rushed Offer

If you don’t give yourself enough time to make your offer at the end of your presentation, you will miss key points and this will cost you money.  Make sure you hit every point of your sales presentation.

Mistake # 4 – Answering Questions With Your Offer

I have seen countless presenters come unstuck by allowing their flow to be interrupted after making their offer.  Take questions and accept interruptions at other times during your presentation, just NOT at the crucial closing time.  Don’t even take testimonials.

Mistake # 5 – No ‘Stick’ Campaign

A ‘stick’ campaign is where you write a sequence of emails which are normally automated and which you send to someone immediately after they have bought your product or service to ‘stick’ the sale.  Basically take some action to reassure the people who spent money with you that they did the right thing . . .  you do not want them to be suffering from buyer’s remorse the minute they leave the seminar room!  If they take products home with them, you might want to send them an email immediately and offer them a bonus gift of an audio interview as your thanks for your business.


These 5 mistakes are easy to avoid especially now you know about them!  Believe me, there’s a lot of speakers out there making these mistakes and worse.  So this information alone will set you above your competitors.  So, this week why not go over your next presentation with this check-list in mind and see if you can make any tweaks or edits.  Perhaps spend time crafting your offer, or thinking through your sales system or just practice your close as calmly and as unrushed as you can.  To your speaking success!


3 Responses to “The 5 Biggest Mistakes Public Speakers Make . . . And How YOU Can Avoid Them!”

  1. What country is that money from in the photo? I have never seen it before? Hopefully someone can tell me…

  2. Singapore has the most sensible $1,000 notes – I had 8 of them in my wallett for about 5 years for fun! they do get moth eaten though!

    But its not Singapore on the image – it is probably Asian or Middle Eastern

  3. Been looking forward to this post!

    It’s surprising how easy it is to apply these small techniques that really do make such a huge difference. I like point 5, re. the stick campaign. Not many people do that but it makes sense to reduce your refund rate in this manner.

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