How often do you find yourself jolted awake at night because you’re running the day’s events over in your mind? Ever find yourself laying awake at 4am running over your to-do list in your mind?

When the alarm goes off, do you jump out of bed excited about the day ahead, and keen to get started? Or are you exhausted from a lack of sleep and struggle to find the energy to get everything done?

It’s less than a month until the festivities now, and the chances are that on top of everything you’re already doing in your business, you now have to try and fit in all the festive preparations too.

More pressure to add to your already packed day.

But, the thing is, we all need quality, restful sleep so we can be fully focused and functioning as our best self during the day… and when you are a successful speaker, it becomes even more important that you can rest properly at night.

So here are my top 4 strategies to ensure you can treat yourself to quality, restful sleep.

Don’t work too late:

By continuing to work right up until you go to bed, your mind hasn’t had time to switch off… so when you try to sleep, you will be unable to stop your head from thinking about stuff.

Set yourself a time to stop work in the evening and commit to nurturing yourself for the rest of the evening.

Switch off the computer and spend an hour reading a good fiction book or some other relaxing task to allow your mind and body to wind down.

Plan ahead to tomorrow:

Before you finish work for the evening, make a list of everything you have to do tomorrow. Often-times, it is stressing about whether you will forget to do something that stops you from sleeping well.

By creating your to-do list in advance, you can relax knowing that nothing will be forgotten… and when you start work tomorrow, you can crack straight on with your day and be productive from the outset.

Regular fresh air:

You know I’m a huge fan of getting outside during the day… taking a 30 minute walk not only clears your mind to help your focus, but breathing in lungfuls of fresh air really does aid restorative sleep.

Don’t spend your day slumped over your computer… take the dog for a walk, a brisk stroll around the park, go for a run… whatever you enjoy doing; just switch off your computer and get outside at some point every day.

Create your sleep routine

We all have times when we need to burn the midnight oil to get a project finished, but don’t allow yourself to get into a routine of going to bed late and rising late.

Getting into a habit of going to bed at a routine time each evening… a time that you naturally begin to feel tired so you’re not lying in bed wide awake… will help your body adjust to associating that time with sleep.

You will feel more rested the next day if you have a naturally regulated sleep-wake schedule.

How many hours sleep you need will be different for each person, but most adults require a full eight hours sleep each night to feel fully rested the next day.

While you’re striving to make your difference, don’t neglect yourself … by optimising your restorative sleep, you will be much more productive, mentally alert, emotionally balanced, and full of the energy your business requires each and every day.

Don’t you be guilty of limiting yourself.

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    Well said Joanna. Working again on your PC after work is a nightmare. You end up burning out sooner or later. Success is a marathon, not a race

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