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Before I launch into today’s post I wanted to give you a quick update about seat availability for our Presentation Secrets events around Australia.  The first one is next Tuesday the 6th of March in Perth, then Melbourne on the 9th.  We had a big surge in Perth ticket sales in the last 24 hours (everyone leaves things til the last minute right?!) So if you are planning to attend the event in Perth I advise you to book today.  Don’t worry- if you win the price I will refund your booking fee of $97! But it would be awful for you to miss out waiting to hear if you’d won the competition.  Its called covering your bases!!) Book by clicking here or call the office on 1300 856 939.

And then onto today’s video!

Yesterday I introduced you to the main reason most people can’t fill rooms: because they have no COMMUNITY.  Speakers  think that if you decide to run an event, that people will come just because you ask them to.  It doesn’t work that way.  However if people know you, like you, love to hear from you- then they will be anxiously awaiting you running an event, and as soon as you announce it they will pounce.

For example- we traditionally sell the first 40-50% of our tickets to Presentation Secrets within the first 48 hours as a result of simply opening doors to our won community.  Our affiliate promotions support that effort- but our community have already pounced!

This could be you too if you have a great community.  Remember this equation:


Yesterday we talked about building the list.  Today its al about the relationship with that list.

Discover ways to build relationship so you have people anxious and waiting to buy your products and services and attend your event.

Today’s Project

Make a plan for what you are going to do to build your relationship with your list.  Make it simple, easy to implement and something you can do consistently.  If you are already doing something like a newsletter- how could you repurpose the information in a clever way to reach more people with very little extra effort?

The Competition

So far I’ve only seen 2 entries to the competition- so the odds are looking pretty god for those ladies! I’m sure everyone is waiting til toward th end to post their entry.  Remember it closes at midnight Aussie time on the 4th of March.  I’ll be announcing the winner on the afternoon of Day 14! (5th of March) You can win over $244 worth of great prizes including:

A signed copy of my brand new book “The Presentation Profits Blueprint”

2 Free Tickets to my 1-day Training “Presentation Secrets”. It will be held around Australia in March and London in May.  Here are the dates. You can see more details on the webiste here.

Australian Dates: are on sale now!
• Perth – 6th March
• Melbourne – 9th March
• Brisbane – 12th March
• Adelaide – 19th March
• Sydney – 21st March

UK Dates: not on sale until 15th March 2012 (so just put the date in your diary and get your video up to win your place)
• London #1 – 11th May
• London #2 = 12th May
• London #3 – 25th May

I’ll be announcing the winner on the 5th of March- so I look forward to seeing your responses! All you have to do is film your response to what you’re learning in the challenge, post it to youtube with a link here on the blog… and I’ll give my favourite entry the prize!




4 Responses to “Speaker’s 14-Day Challenge: Day 8- Building Your List”

  1. Hi Joanna, thanks for today’s post. Lovin’ these so much and just saw how people have not posted up video’s yet – ooh, in with a wonderful chance right now! I’m off to speak to a smallish audience tomorrow on chocolate, but have managed to weave in my new message about improving customer experience into the mix – customers are important even when they already love chocolate! I have therefore created a nice little ‘take-away’ offering some top tips on how to build relationships on social media (in the spirit of giving) shared the services I offer and encouraged people to connect and make contact for more great info! Will let you know how it goes!

  2. Great job Dawn. Can’t wait to hear how that event goes. Yup- haven’t had too many video responses yet! Looks good. But I reckon people will be waiting til the weekend! Good luck with your presentation.

  3. Thanks Joanna, and yeh Michelle is here too! Thanks for all the great support and good luck wishes! Just receiving wonderful feedback on comments has been fantastic! (Might record another video before the deadline then, as I think it’s going to be a last minute rush out there!)

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