Welcome to the Challenge Day 7!

Hope you had a relaxing weekend.

One of the biggest challenges I hear from speakers is “I can’t get bums on seats!” My first question is always -“how many people are on your list- how big is your community”.  I can pretty much guarantee if a speaker is having trouble getting people along to events, or to buy products its because they have a tiny or non-existent community.

You can’t afford to do business this way any more.  (Actually you never could, but the marketplace was a little more forgiving a couple of years back!).

In this video I share with you:

  • My take on the new economy for speakers
  • The feminine source of power you need to tap into (for men and women alike)
  • The Two components of a valuable community
  • The 4 steps to building your list
  • Today’s project

Today’s Project

  1. Who are your target audience?
  2. What is their biggest problem
  3. What information product can you create to solve their biggest problem (video, audio, ebook, guide, report)
  4. Plan an option page to start building your list (you can model our here: www.ShiftSpeakerTraining.com/blueprint- I recommend if you haven’t yet – put your name and email in so you can see the sequence that comes out after that… model the whole system!  Don’t copy… model it! It makes us passive income and you wan that too right!?)

Write your comments and questions below

Share your list building challenges below and we’ll see how we can help. Let us know what has and hasn’t worked in your business.

See you tomorrow!


PS Remember the Competition: on the 5th of March I’ll be reviewing the video responses to the Challenge.  All you need to do is shoot a short 2 minute video on what you’ve got, or what you’re up to.  I’ll choose my favourite and the winner will receive 2 FREE TICKETS to my Presentation Secrets Event in London or Australia (you can see the details here); plus a signed copy of my new book which I’ll be launching in March.  Good luck!


7 Responses to “Speaker’s 14-Day Challenge: Day 7- Building a List”

  1. Thank you Joanna, couldn’t agree more with today’s sentiment – you do have to give to receive and being strategic and more focused on building a great community will ensure that wealth is definitely your reward – off to create a great free product for my new community!

  2. Sorry missed your response until now. I just posted on today’s blog about some social media tips for building great relationships with people, but I think the super- duper freebie will have to involve some service tips for sure. I just ran my first ever WOW workshop on Friday – getting a team from a membership organisation think about ways of building stronger relationships and gaining some WOW from their customers. I’m totally buzzing after that – loved helping and inspiring the participants to go give some super-love to their customers – so I want to capture an essence of that in what I give away as a freebie – so that people want to come back for more!

  3. OK, this has been a bit of a chicken vs egg thing for a while with me. But I have decided to get creative and pull together an 8 part video course on the “7 Secrets to Mindset Success – it’s inside out.”

    I figure I’ll be so excited to have something ‘tangible’ to offer that the opt-in page should be a breeze (I’m thinking a simple WordPress site template and Mailchimp auto responder ??)

    Lights√. Got Camera√,…. (Jo, is there a wireless microphone pack you can recommend for video ?)

    Onto the next vid…

  4. Way to go Peter. For wireless microphone pack check Audio Technica Pro88 or 288w (includes lavalier mike and wired mike) now that Amazon ships them outside USA too. Sometimes you’ll find the kit named as TwinPack etc.

  5. Thanks for the mic advice Matt. I just use what greg bought.! This is probably better advice!!

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