I bet you’ve heard the old saying . . .your network is your net worth.  In other words, who you hang out is a reflection of where you are right now in terms of career and finance.

Are your friends and colleagues high achievers, entrepreneurs, millionaires and massively successful people with a vision and a purpose?  In short, are they the people you aspire to be?

If not, never fear. . . . it doesn’t mean you have to ditch all your poor friends! But maybe it is time to widen your circle of influence.

Expand Your Business
Whatever stage of business you’re at, you can never stop learning.  I get so much out of my time in my mastermind group.  I might discover new tricks or techniques that can save me thousands of dollars or I make a mindset shift that takes me to the next financial level.  And I always meet key contacts who I can JV with later down the line.  If you’re wondering how to meet these people, then it’s easy:

Never waste a single opportunity.

Talk To People And Tell People Your Purpose
That’s right, every opportunity with people is a chance to communicate your purpose on earth.  That person might be able to help you facilitate this goal or they might know someone else who can help you.  In my years of training events, I’ve seen countless moments where people were synchronistically connected to the right person at the right time – just because they shared their purpose.

How To Network
Networking is like dating.  You don’t want to get too heavy too soon, not unless you want to scare them off.  The key point to remember, it’s not all about you and what you want.  It’s about forming a natural friendship where both of you can offer value to each other.  A great way to make a long term contact is to find out what value you can offer them first.  Think long term trust not short term grab.

Where To Meet New People
It’s never been easier in this day and age so here’s some suggestions you can follow right now:

  • Social Media – Facebook is not just about playing games and chatting to friends, it’s about meeting new people and forming friendships with them online.  Just like when you meet someone at an event, don’t bombard them with what you want, offer something to them first.
  • Networking Events – a chance to face to face meet new clients.  They even do speed networking now so the structure is there in place for you to meet as many people as you can.
  • Seminars and Trainings – always take a business card and make the effort to meet new people, not just stay within your comfort circle.  Often they have networking boards, so post your business card on this.
  • Random – networking is not a setting you have to switch on or off. You always can be networking, in a queue, on an airplane, in the supermarket, on a bus, round a swimming pool.  You name it!

Network It, Baby!
So networking has never been easier and the benefits are priceless.  This week, make the commitment to go to at least one networking event and see what rewards you can reap just by rubbing shoulders with people who can help you raise your game.


One Response to “Networking Tips: Why You Need To Network!”

  1. Hi Joanna,

    Loved the email to this post. Loved this post too.

    Really valuable information and something that I know I could be far better at than I am currently.

    In fact if there is one thing I realise I could do better, it’s this, so thank you for pointing this out to me.

    Keep up the great work!

    Kind regards,

    Julian Dawson

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