Selecting a niche market can be really confusing for some people. It’s easy to see that you need to select some form of niche market, in order to focus your marketing and targeting.

But, if you’re meant to help many people, aren’t you then cutting off those people outside your niche? Does this not go against “who you are”… and are you then limiting your ability to help others?

Niche marketing allows you clarity… clarity to focus on a particular group of people and enables you to effectively package your products and services in a way that will appeal to them.

When did you decide that packaging yourself effectively was “going against who you are”? That’s not the truth. It’s a belief you have.

Who you are is infinite – yet you are packaged in one body.

Who you are is infinite – yet you have one name.

Who you are is infinite – you are capable of all things, yet you chose to be a mother.

Who you are is infinite – you are capable of all things, yet you choose not to lie and cheat.

Who you are is infinite – you are capable of all things, yet every day you express your infinite self through the confines of human experience.

Creating financial success is one human experience. To be a success at it you have to play by its rules. Just like being a success as a mother you have to play by some simple rules.

One such rule in this game is to channel your infinite self into an expression of value that “those of little dust” can hear and act upon.

You can choose not to niche, not to refine a topic, not to build a brand – and you will get some clients. Individuals who occasionally just “get” you and want a piece of it… but you will struggle to create consistency of leads, prospects and clients.

Therefore it is most likely you will struggle financially. Not a given – but likely.

If you have been resisting narrowing down your niche, and struggling to make your business a success, I can tell you… not choosing a niche is the reason you’ve not succeeded in the past.

Your niche is a starting point. Not an end point. Your journey towards business success, helping others and really “getting yourself”, all starts with one single step at a time.

Make that step now. Select a niche to work with and channel your infinite self into an expression which you can love for now, so you can get helping at least some people… before you expand to help all.

Have you struggled to select a niche market in the past? Did you find your business expanded quickly, as soon as you narrowed down your market, so you could help more people?

If you haven’t selected a niche yet, what are the similarities between your clients – is your niche market actually already making itself known to you? Why not share your thoughts in the comments section below?

3 Responses to “Narrow Down Your Niche Market and Expand Your Infinite Self!”

  1. Hi Joanna
    Selecting a niche has been one of the most difficult areas to address in my business and I have worked long and hard on getting it clear. My current understanding of my niche is indeed based on my reflecting on the clients I love the most and with whom I have the most success. The choice is not based on industry as much as their position and role in a corporate environment. There is a psychographic component too.
    I find it hard to turn down work that comes from outside of this niche but this generally provides me with the stories of my most unpleasant or unfulfilling work.

  2. Hi Joanna,
    I absolutely agree with you. I started out with the idea of helping people live better lives, and as my thinking has developed it has become clear that my expertise lies in helping parents help their children excel. It’s funny how life has a way of showing you the path doesn’t it?


  3. Hi Joanna

    defining a niche is even harder when I don’t actually have a business yet – just desperate to build one. How does one take over twenty years of training and educational program skills in health/government into a niche around which to build a business? The ultimate irony is that as a nurse and lately more multidisciplinary work-place based educator I can teach most clinicians from graduates to consultants about educational context setting, supervision, leadership and program development – just what would I speak about? Cheers K

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