Welcome to the Challenge Day 5&6!

Have a break
Have a break!

Yes!  It’s the weekend.  And no matter how much I love you and your journey- my weekend is sacred.  So I’m typing this post on Friday (I’m about to finish up for the day).  My Mum and Step-father are coming over to visit us this weekend, so I envisage plenty of relaxing, lots of cuddles of nephews and nieces and Greg and I were considering a mini-break to the spa before our big tour starting in a little over a week.

What has this got to do with your Challenge?  One of the BIGGEST MISTAKES I see a lot of entrepreneurs making, especially when their business is in a growth phase is ignoring the importance of rest.  The brain and body both need time away from work to replenish.

My drama teacher once said to me “the biggest breakthroughs you’ll have in your performance occur when you’re resting between rehearsals”.  He was talking about character performances- but I know the same to be true for business.

Sure- there are times as a business owner you have to work a bit late, maybe give up a Saturday morning.  But they should be few and far between if you want to be a great speaker.  Being great requires energy.  It requires having stories to tell.  It requires a finger on the pulse of LIFE.

These are all things that come as a result of leisure time.

Your Project for Today:

Get the HELL AWAY FROM YOUR COMPUTER.  Close its lid, right now… switch off that monitor… and go outside.  Go spend an hour finding a delicious experience that nourishes your heart and soul, and, who knows, might be great fodder for a story from stage sometime.

The Competition

Don’t event worry about it this weekend.

Rest, replenish- and re-energuse and we can talk all about how you can win over $244 worth of prizes (including 2 free tickets to join me live at Presentation Secrets) on Monday.



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