Decision making is a natural part of your everyday life and it’s great to have the luxury of time to think about your answer. But time isn’t always on our side. Sometimes you have to make a crucial decision and you’re fresh out of time.

Knowing how you react when your back is up against a wall will help you keep control during the decision making process, leading to better decisions… even in tough situations.

Unfortunately, decision making isn’t always easy, but I can give you the 5 steps needed to make it happen faster, easier and with a lot less stress.

#1: Decide on your motives

It’s never a good idea to make decisions based on what other people want for you. Nor is it worth making a decision based on wanting to prove yourself to somebody. Decisions are made easier, when you think about what you DO and DO NOT want.

Know what you’re after and what motivates you. Ask yourself “Why am I doing this?” If the answer isn’t one that makes you proud, then it’s time to reassess your reasons…along with your decision.

#2: Give yourself time to think… and to listen

Sometimes, when you’re caught up in the middle of a problem, you need to give yourself a breather. Whether you take a few deep breaths, get outside for some fresh air… or even sleep on it overnight… giving yourself time to re-evaluate the options and listen to your innermost thoughts, can be the best way to reach a decision.

We don’t always understand why or how our intuition works, but we know when it feels right. Whether that involves stomach knots or butterflies, we all know, sometimes the best decisions are made when we listen to the signals our body is providing… even if we can’t always consciously explain it.

#3: Do what’s right… even if that’s doing nothing!

There are times, when you’re offered with a choice of A or B, the right decision is actually… neither! It’s perfectly alright for you to walk away from a decision, if it’s in your best interests to do so.

Making the decision to do nothing isn’t always the easiest option, but would you prefer to make a decision that you’re not happy with, or be able to walk with your head held high?

Over time you will realise there is often another opportunity hiding around the corner… and it’s usually one that is much better suited for you.

#4: What emotion is your driving force?

Feelings play a huge part in our decision making process. Emotions can motivate us to behave in surprising ways, including making irrational decisions based on old personal patterns.

Knowing what emotion is driving your decision making, will make the whole process a lot easier. For example, do you know if you’re being driven by a desire to improve your situation or the need for a power trip?

Once you understand what emotions are driving you, you realise why you are feeling pressured or uncomfortable when faced with an important decision… and can avoid unnecessary drama and stress.

#5: Roll a dice or flip a coin!

These actually involve more than just making a simple choice… they allow you to react on intuitive beliefs. They make the decision simple… are you happy with your choice, or unhappy?

Do you give yourself time to think, or do you roll a dice? What do you do when you have to make a decision? Do you have an unusual method that works for you? Please share your thoughts below.

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