Can I tell you something? You’re special! Yes… you’re really special. There is something else I’d like to share with you while we’re here too… you’re special because what you have between your ears is valuable!

In fact, your knowledge and experience is more valuable to others than your time! If you are still at the stage of trading time for money, I want you to let this sink in… your value to your clients is not your time… it is what you know!

Let’s take a step back while you ask yourself a few questions…

What do you know?

Mystery BoxWhich topic do you have so much knowledge and experience of that you are an expert in? What is it that you love to do and that you are passionate about that you can teach and inspire others to do too?

If you’re reading this and you can’t think of anything you are passionate about, let me tell you this… everyone has something in life that they love but not everyone feels passionate about something in their heart space.

Some people feel passion in their head space instead… my husband Greg would tell you that he doesn’t feel passionate about any subject but he has a real thirst for learning. He spends hours on Google learning new information… he totally loves to learn but it’s a head space passion rather than one he feels in his heart. It’s still a passion though.

What is yours?

Who do you help?

Independent ThinkerSo we’ve established your topic, your passion… but who are the people who will be inspired or empowered to learn from your expertise? Who are the people that do or could pay money to learn what you know?

Actually, I guess the first question should be “do people pay money to learn more about your topic?” Then once you’ve answered yes to that question, the next thing to ask yourself is “who are they?” The answer to this question determines your niche.

You with me?

Now I’d like you to consider how you are going to share your message with the world… you have a duty to teach as many people as possible during your time on this earth but think about this;

You can teach one person at a time by working with clients on a 1:1 basis… in other words to reach out to 100 people you’d need to repeat yourself 100 times.

Or, you could speak to 100 people at the same time and you’d only need to share your message once.

The first option is what we call trading time for money… you need to work 100 times to get paid 100 times. The second option is one stage of building an “elegant business model”. You only need to do the work once yet you can reach lots more people.

Still with me?

So what are the lessons you have to share? Who are the people who will be willing to pay to hear your message and how are you going to build your own elegant business model and help more people?

Gold BullionRemember, there is nothing wrong with trading time for money… but it should be your premium offering. People happily pay more for expertise… YOUR expertise… and if you provide a high level of specialist information, then you should be placing a higher value on your time too!

Your expertise is the most valuable thing you have to offer others but your time is the most precious part of your life… don’t give either away for peanuts!

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