Question: What is one of the biggest reasons why people don’t use speaking from the stage to fast-track their business growth?

The answer? FEAR.

Why It Pays For You To Overcome YOUR Fears

The fear of public speaking is believed to be the single most common phobia and affects as much as 75% of the population.  This means if you have some ‘stuff’ about being on stage and having the spotlight focused brightly on you . . .  you are not alone.

Even the most confident people who have no trouble with public speaking often get rattled when it comes to asking for the sale.

They do a dynamic presentation and then suddenly turn into a mumbling robot.  If you have ever seen someone selling from stage and doing a bad job, then most probably you will have been turned off from doing it yourself.  But there’s a key distinction here.  It’s not the selling itself which is bad . . . it’s often the technique that is being used.  When it is done with finesse it’s as graceful as ballet.

Time To Stretch Your Comfort Zone
We all enjoy coasting along in our comfort zones, don’t we?  But the trouble with that attitude is that once you stop reaching and stretching yourself, you stop growing.

In fact, if you’re feeling comfortable right now you’re in danger of missing the big pay-off which comes with stepping out of your comfort zone.  That pay-off is – you get the confidence to take on a whole lot of other things in many areas of your life.

Start Small
A great way to start stepping out of your comfort zone is to speak in front of just a handful of people.  The confidence you will draw from this experience will allow you to get up in front of a bigger audience.

I’ve got many successful clients who decided they were going to learn how to present from stage precisely because they were so terrified of it. They knew if they didn’t overcome their fears it would hold them back from all the other opportunities life throws us.

From Painfully Shy Child To $130,000 In Ticket Sales In 3 Short Months
You may not know this, but as a child I was incredibly shy.  Like many other people, I had to work through my own issues about getting up on stage.  It was about letting go of the past and stepping out of my comfort zone.  And now look at me . . . I love being up there!  Not only that, I make a lot of money from my passion.  Using just one of my profit principles – The 7 Steps To An Effective Presentation – I made over $130,000 in ticket sales in 3 short months and without even a database of my own! I don’t say this to blast my own trumpet . . . I say this to show you what is possible when YOU step out of your comfort zone and dare to expand.

Fears can be constructive, but don’t let them hold you back from the success you deserve.  Your ideas and thoughts are valuable and the real power of speaking is in the lives you can change.  So this week, step out of your comfort zone and start sharing your message with anyone who’ll listen.  You might just find the doors of opportunity burst wide open.

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